Black Men, We Need To Do Better For Black Women! (a repost)

I like to assume that no one reading my blog thinks poorly of Black women, but you never know.

I got into a tiny online feud last week with a unconscious “man” of African descent who said I was probably made from an R. Kelly song lol. You have to give this man respect. Uhm.. where? Since when does talent trump acts of molestation and harm of women and girls? It’d be different if we had no idea, but to knowingly support and defend a PEDOPHILE? Why? Like I said, the feud didn’t last long, just two comments from me, a lot of smh and a quick swoop to the “block” button.

Like Brotha Wolf, the author of the original post, I, too, was disgusted at the entire defense team of R. Kelly looking just like us. Like him. Like me. From outsiders, laughing at our pain is expected. But it cuts extra deep coming from our own. Couldn’t even listen to local radio because there was an influx of his song play. WTH? Why do we support abusers and rapists? Why are we so quick to defend a lewd act but disregard the victims’ feelings?

We’re really in a sad place.

Before I begin, I want to make something loud and clear. This rant was not written for the satisfaction and ego boast of the white male ego, nor is it to absolve all the things I’ve blogged about concerning racism. Hell yes, racism is a major issue, but it’s NOT the only issue. And lastly, this […]

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week 30|2017

If you allow bullshit with no consequence,
the bullshitter has no reason to stop bullshittin you.

on hot breakfast toast

I’m softer than I’d like to admit
and in your presence, I’m like butter
but you’ll never know.

butter © 2017 KBW


The African Disillusions of My Youth — MINDSIGHTCOLLECTIVE (a repost)

I am an African who had their scales fall from their eyes Traumatised from the revelation behind their lies Of “You can be anything you want to be” And “Follow your dreams”; I mean, look what happened to Dr King Follwing those smooth slithering serpents’ doctrines. While I’m climbing on the rough side of this […]

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week 29|2017

Being a small business owner-well, just dealing with other humans in general, I encounter a fair amount of nonsense. Some potential customers will give us the runaround for weeks then fall off the earth. (We should start charging for consultations, uh?) A stranger rear-ends you and tells you why they couldn’t avoid hitting you, how you came out of nowhere or it happened so fast, but will not, cannot and does not just apologize. I could go on and on about the apologies I think I should’ve received, but I stopped expecting them long ago; no expectation means I don’t get (as) angry or harbor those negative thoughts, knowing that the other party has no idea how upset I am over here in my head expecting an “I’m sorry” that may never happen! It really is silly and unhealthy. BUT, admitting fault is damn sexy, courageous and necessary- a great sign of maturity.

I feel we’re being hardest on ourselves when we cannot voice a genuine apology. What is the big deal with admitting fault? Why is it so hard to apologize, especially if you know you’re wrong or someone tells you why he feels you’ve wronged him?

We all have lapses in judgement. We’re not perfect. Just say it.

inner > outer: a haiku

pretty skin hair teeth
such a beautiful disguise
trumped by mean spirit

inner > outer ©2017 KBW