High 5 to High-Waisted!

I used to think high-waisted bottoms were such a grown up look- like a “moms only”/”I have a career” style [how naive, right?!]. But I’ve learned that not only is a high-waisted bottom classy, it’s also classic. Super popular in the 70s, bottoms hitting at the natural waist have made quite a resurgence in the last few years and it makes me a happy shopper. Here are my top five reasons why:

1. They accentuate the smallest part of a woman’s mid-section.


Yes, indeed! Forget the cellulite on your backside or the short length of your legs-or any other shortcoming you may think you have, because a high-waisted skirt is going to draw attention to your waist. And whether it’s narrow or thick, it is quite a sexy feature.

2. They create curves.


An optical illusion of sorts. For someone like me with narrow hips, a high-waisted skirt in a stretchy fabric will make me look like I have a little extra meat around there! Add a perfectly placed pattern and you’ve got hips for days. The same goes for patterned shorts. The placement and size of back pockets can totally alter the look of things, too.

3. They act kinda like Spanx.. kinda!


I love my high-rise jeans because they keep everything in as opposed to it runningeth over. Who wants to see or feel a muffin top??!? Not I. Wear them to dinner and you won’t have to unzip them to make room like you would for your super low rises. With a cotton/spandex blend[in a comfortable size, of course], the belly is slightly constricted, smoothing out any rolls or pouches you might be carrying around. Add a taper to the leg and they’ll slim the appearance your entire lower half!

4. They provide full coverage.


Along the same lines as keeping everything in like a body shaper, high-waisted bottoms also keep you covered. With pants or shorts, you never have to worry about your underwear and crack being exposed when you sit down. [I think this could possibly be the best reason for us all to have them in our closets!] Plus you still have the option to show your cute little waist with a cropped top. And contrary to most swimsuit designer’s beliefs, not every woman feels comfortable showing off 99.99% of her body at the pool or beach, so a high-waisted brief is a cute, timeless alternative.

5. They’re a classic.


Think of all the horrible trends you’ve seen throughout your years. Think about how many of those trends you perpetuated! High-waisted bottoms are not one of them. Yes, people can make them look bad, but they generally work well for all body types. They’re very flattering and super feminine. Plus they won’t ever go out of style.

So remember your options the next time you shop! xo

Warm It Up, Chris

The weather has been playing with my emotions, giving me mid-spring warmth, mild winter cool and official cold weather blues all within a few weeks. I can’t take it. So what’s a better pick-me-up than looking at beautiful clothing? It for sure warms my heart.

My spotlight is on Duro Olowu again, who we all know is the man! He specializes in womenswear and jewelry, making it special with colorful prints and vibrant colors. Let’s see what he has in store for this spring:








Once again, Mr. Olowu keeps the silhouettes simple, letting the bright colors and prints take center stage. This collection screams sophisticated, airy, dramatic resort wear. It makes me wanna take a nice long vacation, or at least be gone until the warmth returns for good. Love it! love him!

Stay warm, friends. Maybe get some cocoa and power walk through the mall.

Until next time.. xo

Toot It n Boot It

boots I’m rocking this season:

shoetie (I like to call this particular style snooties, sneaker booties) -for those casual days, style shoe booties with skinnies and a sweater


mocassins -so cute and comfortable, pair them with jeans or a skirt


over-the-knee -a versatile wardrobe staple


bootie -add some feminine style and funk to your look


uggs -I won’t rock the classics, but these are the ultimate comfort boot, perfect for those super casual, I’m not really going anywhere of importance, not trying to be cute days

 uggscognac mid-calfs: another staple, neutral with a low heel and perfect for sweater weather


Color Coated

Autumn is defined by transition: leaves turning, dying and crunching under your boots on the sidewalk, the sun setting way too early and an unmistakeable crispness in the air. I hate it all. But until I move to my tropical island, I’ll have to deal with the changing seasons, including the dead of winter. And I think some people take the dead of winter literally, dressing in dreary gray [which I love, btw!] and black. That’s fine, but there’s got be some contrast. Some life! Who says you can’t be stylish or colorful in the cold??

I kinda hate puffer coats. They just seem so bulky and unflattering, like walking down the street with a comforter wrapped around you. But this orange Cole Haan is so chic and fun and the belt gives the wearer some shape. It’s available at Loehmann’s.


Lands' End $115

“Wool Scoopneck Coat” Lands’ End, $115

Sure it’s just a long wool coat, but it’s in yellow and collarless which equals “happy and unique.” Find it at Lands’ End in a rainbow of colors and stay warm without breaking the bank.


Anne Klein $110

“A-Line Coat” Anne Klein, $110

The bright pink of this coat puts a little twist on the simple, classic cut of a double-breasted pea coat. It’s so feminine too and works well for many body types. Try it on at Macy’s.


Rock a fur without feeling guilty or gaudy! This pelted faux fur coat by Asos looks so snuggly and comfy and the color is beautiful! To avoid looking like you’re still celebrating Halloween, tone down the rest of your look and you’re golden. It also comes in black if you wanna play it safe.


$64 Isaac Mizrahi

“Leopard Jacquard Trench” $64, Isaac Mizrahi

Since cat prints are pretty much neutral, you can wear a trench like this with almost everything in your cold weather wardrobe. It’s on clearance at qvc.com. Raaaawwwrrrrr!


Dang I love this coat! It’s so feminine and clean and sophisticated. I’d buy if it were half the price. The color, the shape and the seam detail do it for me.


I love this print! And the price is right! This a-line, belted coat will keep you toasty and tasteful throughout the season. And even though it’s black and gray [the two no-no colors aforementioned], the big, graphic print gives it interest. Shop “Emilia Charley Stripe Coat” at karmaloop.


This double breasted boucle coat is ready for your purchase at Asos! The emerald color is so rich and earthy while the shape flatters an array of body types.


I love a good, chunky plaid. I would have loved this coat even more if the plaid was a little bigger. She happens to be named “Lumber Janet” and is available at backcountry.com. I can see this working well with some black skinnies and cognac knee-high boots. City meets county!


More of an everyday, all-occasion coat, the trench has a timeless style and comes in an array of colors and can top any ensemble. And the belt helps to emphasize the natural waistline = insta chic!


This royal blue is just so yummy you don’t have to wear anything else. This coat says it all. I love the bold color, the double shawl collar and the length. And it’s kinda sexy. Find it exclusively online at Nordstrom.


Red is so vibrant and powerful that it’ll definitely stand out amongst the drab that snow and cold weather can bring. It’s such a feminine shape and can easily be dressed up or down. Shop it on asos.com.


$138 Vince Camuto

“The Puffer Coat” $138, Vince Camuto

For that really really crisp, needles in your skin chilly, this beige puffer does double duty keeping you warm and looking super chic. Plus it has a hood and perfectly placed pockets for extra protection from the elements. Find it in black and dark green too at Lord & Taylor.

So if you’re one of those freaks who enjoys frolicking about in the cold, keep warm in style this winter.

Orange is the New Black?


***This post is NOT about the hit Netflix show! I apologize to its fans who got excited by the title of this post. (I heard it’s great though, so I’ll have to check it out!)***

I’m not a huge fan of the color orange. I used to be as a kid; it was actually my favorite! But I haven’t worn solid orange in I dunno how long. It just reminds me of the tan mom, vomit and oompa loompas. I’d rather keep it in the family by wearing paprika, coral or peach. But tis the season, right?? If you’re like me and don’t have definite plans for Halloween next week, there’s no reason to not get into the spirit by wearing orange instead of a costume. And what makes it [“it” being an article of clothing] more appealing than a costume is that it can be worn other days/times of the year and it might even cost less. So scroll with me and see what beautiful, fun pieces red and yellow’s baby can create:

Miss S Orange Dress

by Miss S

How sweet is this little tangerine frock??! Its classic a-line cut is flattering for most body types and the seam detail fancies it up a bit.

For work: Add simple stud earrings, a nice watch and leopard print flats.

For play: Sexy it up with a dramatic smokey eye, a shiny contrasting belt (maybe a funky, graphic print), and some of your highest pumps. And of course you can take this into the cold of winter with a cozy scarf, bolero jacket, tights and booties.

Manolo Blahniks

Manolo Blahniks

Now an orange shoe I can definitely do. It adds just the perfect amount of fun and a serious pop of color to your ensemble. These shoes can honestly make an outfit, bring life to it.

For work: Adding these Minolos to a crispy white shirt and paisley pencil skirt = sexyday at work!

For play: Add a deep burgundy lip to the work look and you’re made. Or pair this pair with a solid, monochromatic nighttime look, like a fun white minidress. The pumps can also funk up a simple jumpsuit.

by lyst.com

on lyst.com

Y’all know how I feel about leggings. This collared blouse would go perfectly with leggings! And its light fabric makes it great for layering in the cooler months.

For work: If you don’t work in an office/business casual environment, pair this orangey tunic with some leggings or skinnies (printed or solid) and comfy loafers.

For play: Switch out your flats for some pumps or booties. Try adding a vest with some texture, like pleather or suede, and some statement jewelry.

by Jean Paul Gaultier

by Jean Paul Gaultier

These bold orange trousers steal the show, so to avoid looking like a clown, balance out their vibrancy with muted tones and creamy tints.

For work: I visualize these pants with a barely taupe pullover sweater layered with a white printed button up. A peach blouse tucked in with a matching belt would look marvelous too.

For play: A solid or printed peplum top would look amazing paired with some sexy pumps. And if you’re wondering, black shoes will work because you won’t see much of them with the cut of these pants.



I love the movement in this dress. It can make an appearance at any holiday party on your calendar.

For work?: Not really, imo… It’s a little short and the shiny fabric screams nightlife. Hit a red carpet or something.

For play: It’s already sexy, so keep it that way by completing the look with tights and pumps. And again, black tights with black heels would work! Just make sure they’re matte. Add a statement necklace for a touch of sophisticated whimsy.

on HoddyShop.com

on HoddyShop.com

I actually like how this orange blouse it styled on the model. It can definitely transcend the seasons and it works for almost all body types.

For work: The wrap/kimono style creates a slight peplum which would pair well with a pencil skirt or trousers.

For play: A pencil skirt, trousers or even tweed shorts can complete a look with this orange top. Anchor it all with some chunky wedges or booties and you’re golden.

I’ll admit that searching and reporting back my findings definitely helped change my mind about solid orange. Slightly. It’s still nowhere near my favorite, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it when I’m looking for something new for my wardrobe. [Seriously, I have like one orange (50%red, 50%yellow) tank that’s been collecting dust in my closet because I still have never worn it!] And let’s be real, black cannot be replaced! Orange will never be the new black! (Precisely why I can never go to prison.) Cute title for the show though.