street chic

DOOTD: tough, sexy lady

street chic

Miss Selfridge circle skirt

Kohl shoes

Anne Klein black watch
$155 –

Pink nail polish

Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid


The color of the year, according to the color gods at Pantone, is supposedly an inspiration for designer’s fashion collections[including interior designs and decor] and reflects the state of the economy? For example, if it were a yellow, we consumers need a pick me up. I think it’s a bit of a crock because I don’t remember seeing a ton of emerald last year..or maybe I missed it because I wasn’t shopping in Neiman Marcus or Barney’s? I saw a lot of neon green [maybe because it’s so dang bright lol..] and celestial/outer space prints.

Anyway, this year it’s radiant orchid- a beautiful, bold and bright pinkish purple hue. I’m not sure how/if it reflects our financial state, but it sure is pretty!


Ahem, I’m ahead of the trend, already incorporating this color into my life with fresh flowers in my apartment, lipstick and nail varnish. Where has Pantone been?!


Holiday Partaaay

Dream Outfit of the Day: Holiday Office PartyHoliday Partaaay

Gucci red pumps
$755 –

Anya Hindmarch clutch

Carolina Bucci rose gold earrings
$400 –

white haute

White after Labor Day? I’ll take it. I love cozy pullover sweaters, white jeans and cognac-colored kicks [all together aaaand worn separately] so this set is uberly dreamy. Color my pout with a pop of pink and I’m set for a comfortable, casual day of looking fabulous without much effort.


Marni wool blend sweater

Stud earrings
$280 –

Linda Farrow sunglasses
$735 –

Nars cosmetic

hot coco

Coco Chanel that is..

I dream of having the luxury to dress like this. Daily. For work. For a lunch date. For a casual business meeting. But in my current field working in childcare, all I really think about when choosing an outfit is 1). What’s comfortable? and 2). What do I not mind getting puke or pee on? My work attire is just lackluster. It doesn’t allow me to really have fun or be super stylish and funky. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything in my closet, but some pieces are so much more special than others. So, until I find my place in my desired field and become one of those very fabulous, established fashion bloggers with their ootd posts in beautiful, designer garb, I’m starting my own acronym:

dootd: dream outfit of the day

Laugh if you want to. ..One day, y’all. One day.

hot coco

Mary Katrantzou sweater

Skater skirt

Chanel clutch

Neon scarve
$40 –

Wayfarer sunglasses

gray weather

Hellooo there fellow bloggers and gray sueders!! What’s up? I know it’s been a looooong time, and I apologize, but I’m back. I know what you’re thinking: this broad said that before and left us! But this time it’s for real. No more games. I got a new computer of my own (AND internet access) so there is. absolutely. no. excuse. From this day forward, I am going to (try to) commit to at least one blog a week. Also, thank you thank you to my handful of followers! I hope you’re still hanging in there with me (you know how life is!) Anyway, I will continue to keep you abreast of my opinions on fashion, health, beauty, music and ..whatever else I feel like touching on. So enjoy and tell a friend!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post………..

It’s that time again, folks. The air is crisp, the day is shorter, and leaves are (uh, basically dying) turning from bright green to those bold, fiery tones that can only represent autumn.  Are you as excited as I’m not? Even though I hate the cold, I do love a warm cup of cocoa or cider, scarves, boots, cuddling and pumpkin spice any and everything. So bundle up, ladies. And keep it classy (you know the unwritten rules of leggings! Please review if you “forgot.”) Happy layering!!

gray weather

Acne Studios leather sleeve top
$230 –

Splendid green legging

Charlotte Russe ankle booties

Givenchy shoulder bag

Just Acces ring

Futabaya scarve

Marc Jacobs square frame glasses
$180 –

OPI gray nail polish
$18 –

weekend baby

weekend baby

Denim shirt

Charlotte Russe flat shoes

Pieces leather purse
$36 –

Pin up jewelry

H M gold aviator
$9.28 –

Crop tops are super in, but like all trends, they’ll fade. Fast. I recommend a classic, timeless crop with a tie front in denim or any neutral instead of a tiny bra top that’s making its resurgance from the 80s. Pair it with a high-waisted skirt, shorts or pants to sex up your summer fit and show a little skin. Keep it simple and buy pieces that you’ll wanna rock summers from now. Happy shopping!!!