the only friend we need

nikisStars sun and moon

Blackberry galaxy and iPhone

Dad is playing video games

Mother is listening to her new tunes

Grandma is in the nursing home

So kids are watching a cartoon

Gps tracking and drones

Instagram Facebook and iTunes

Technology took our relations away

Only friend we need is a cellphone

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art by Nicholle KOBI

week 44 || 2016: Blogging Over Everything!

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. And one thing has become pretty obvious. The blogging community is not only different than social media, but it is also better. Here’s why: Bloggers are readers. Most writers are. I’m willing to bet almost anything that no matter how many WordPress bloggers you […]

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Social Criminal Defense Attorneys [a reblog]

There are several things I loathe about Facebook. Firstly, that it has become an alternate form of reality, where people can craft and control their public perception in contradiction of their truth selves. The time people spend contriving their facade via Facebook is akin to the time politicians spend campaigning to convince us to vote for them. Have you […]

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they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true

Ask questions. Do some research. Form your own conclusions. Beware of the zombies.


Unplug every once and a while.

Information overload is causing people to follow the herd and no longer take the time to completely analyze the facts before forming a conclusion. Gazillions of photos and excerpts of data are sent out daily on social media, at lightning speed, across the internet, which brainwash the world population into forming opinions based solely […]

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