Scars are Diamonds (a reblog)

Due to a chemotherapy procedure I ended up with a nickel sized scar near my right shoulder blade, whenever I would go out I’d cover it with makeup and thought to myself “one day I’ll save enough money to fix it surgically”. Months later I had a hip replacement and a muscle flap and 4 […]

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week 11|2017: On You & Your Star Stuff

Have faith in your ability

To do what is necessary

In the effort to transform

When it becomes mandatory.

No one else need believe

In what you’re capable of

When you know you and the stars

Are basically made of the same stuff. –ria

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For you Everyday is a fight for territory,

for space:

Space in a country that does not want you

Space in a world that cannot yet grasp the

magic of hair that says “fuck gravity”

Space in the hearts of lovers who do not

know how to love all of you

(Your mother made you ample)

Facing this world is already a daunting

task for you my dear

But look how your skin still glistens and

glows and steals all fire from the sun

And how your smile still steals all magic

from the moonlight

Look how your lips still cast love spells

and break hearts

You are still perfect

You are still glory

You are still uchawi (magic)

-written by @niketa.rae for Sandra Bland

Happy bornday, Sandra. May you rest in power.

week 3|2017


You are beautiful, but is that all to you? What does your heart look like? How do you treat people? What lies within your soul? You are beautiful, but aren’t we all? What is there to you besides your beauty? –Karen Owusu

photo ©Aea Baba


week 51 | 2016

you, you

You ever wonder how much of

your stress is perpetual?

Or how many times you’ve placed yourself on

pedestals on the backs

of your peers’ mishaps, failures,

misdirection, misinformation, and demise.

if it’s your fear

apprehension or condescension that ghostwrite your choices?

Or if your conviction or stubbornness defines you?

I guess I say this to ask..

Are you the “you” – you think you are?

© dáe