week 46 || 2016

I wasn’t going to speak on this but.. since amurdikkka selected Trump, I’ve been seeing a LOT of…..for lack of a better term, bitchassness. Seriously. Folks are acting like the world has ended. The only difference between our history in this nation and now is that stuff is getting recorded and going viral in real time. Oh, and everyone has an opinion and you have to agree with it -_- White people have just exposed  and reignited their blatant hate and have become even more emboldened to harass women, Muslims, people of color/anyone who doesn’t favor them and whoever disagrees with their views. Now that many of us have embraced our natural beauty, make a living as a whatever we choose + stopped working for free, they want nothing to do with us. [Which is fine by me, actually; just leave us alone already!]

We’ve always been niggers in their eyes, but now we’re proud niggers with degrees, broad vocab and shit.. and they don’t like that. Ruh oh. Trump has given them “their” country and confidence back, making them feel better about their demise and worthlessness. And all I hear, mostly from Hitlery supporters, is

“What are we gonna do?!”

“Where do we go from here??!”

If Trump is your biggest problem, well, your life is pretty sweet. For most of us, Trump is our neighbor. Our coworkers. Our landlord. The lady following us around the  beauty supply store. The banker that denied our loan application. Our kid’s teacher. The cops that murder us and go to bed with an administrative leave check under their pillow.

Not to discount those that have been hurt or threatened since Trump’s win [or ever, for that matter], but this country has n e v e r been on our side. I’m not sure if you noticed, but a half-Black president with a Black wife and Black children didn’t change things for our betterment. So the face behind the title doesn’t hold much value, does it?

It should not take a tragedy, natural disaster or a hideous orange clown moving in on Pennsylvania Ave for you to care about the future of our Black brothers + sisters! Instead of rocking a safety pin or [just] sharing memes and quotes of confusion, fear and disappointment, read. Donate your money, time or clothes to those in need. Evaluate the company you keep. Limit who you tell what and what you share on your social feeds. Learn how to shoot some guns. Then figure out your favorite and buy one. Learn other methods of self defense. Without broadcasting it online, organize with likeminded individuals who you can actually count on to protect and serve.

Lets continue getting back to our roots + barter goods, grow and make our own food, take care of each other’s children and families. Teach and be open to learning something constructive that doesn’t involve pro sports or celebrities.

Learn how to heal naturally without the use of western drugs. Exercise and get outdoors more. Meditate on the good you want to see come to fruition. Learn a new trade.

I feel like a broken record.. Just please, unless you’re sharing knowledge, take a break from your phone, turn off the tv + stop complaining about what’s going on and do your part to change it. Help somebody! Create a meaningful existence. It’s really not that difficult. We don’t have much time here in this one life.

I’m just saying, this ugly orange tidal wave has been on its way for quite some time. For cheeto man to even be placed in the running, America has proven, once again, that it is not a democracy but a big joke, sans the gut busting laughter.  I mean if we were already a strong, prepared united front, this helplessness and fear would have been replaced long ago with a ready for whatever/by any means attitude. Don the Con would be a non-mf’n factor.

Regardless of if Killary takes this thing in December, I hope this nonsense of an election leads you and your loved ones to an awakening rather than a state of complacency, fear or inaction. I am quite certain the latter is what they want. Together, let’s show them that is not what they’re going to get.

And, for once, stay angry, united and vigilant. We were built for this.

Protected: week 28 || 2016: Steve knows what’s up

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week 21 || 2016: third world problems

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much.

We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values.

We talk too much, love too seldom and hate too often.

We’ve learned how to make a living but not a life.

We’ve added years to life, not life to years.

-George Carlin



I titled this “third world problems” because, essentially, America is a third world country by the most current definition.  I don’t know what this thing is that we’re doing now, but it’s definitely not first world. [As usual, the west has it backwards.] We are way too caught up in trivialities. Life didn’t begin the way many of us live it. In the beginning, we weren’t born to parents who had to hire a live-in sitter because they worked all day and had no time or energy to raise a family. We weren’t away from home 40+ hours a week, in the car half the day commuting to a workplace that forced us to spend most of the daylight hours indoors. We didn’t stay abreast to the latest gossip or line up for the new smartphone release. Cancer wasn’t a thing. Depression wasn’t a thing. There was no gentrification. No plastic surgeons. No credit card debt or home foreclosures. Folks didn’t worry if their favorite coffee spot had wi-fi so they could avoid any human contact outside of their screen. Or if the steamed milk was organic from a grass-fed cow, because it all just was.

People, not soulless drones, had individual and collective purpose and respected the Earth’s resources. People appreciated the little things, worked with the land to extract just what they needed: food, water and shelter. They found happiness in a rainy season that bore plenty of harvest. They looked out for their fellow man, bartered goods and raised families as a community. Loved much, much more than they destroyed.

That is first world living.

week 19 || 2016

blnce1Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do; women were created to do everything a man can’t do. -unknown

I took these statements a few ways; 1. gender roles have been severely blurred; duh 2. this whole supermom/superwoman concept has women becoming kinda scary independent -oftentimes to our detriment [stop frontin like you don’t want love, girl!]- taking on the weight of the world when we shouldn’t, concluding all men are weak because they run from our superpower of doing everything in full makeup wearing heels + in a timely fashion without breaking a sweat, and 3. There are countless roles both men and women can play and play well, but we are not equal in a sense that we can and should do everything men can. We create that necessary balance when we share equally vital –yet different– responsibilities in life; in general terms, I believe women are just naturally better at certain tasks while men excel in others.

I kept my opinion short as to not influence yours. I would really like to hear your perspective.

photo cred: tumblr

week 16 || 2016: when you’re a mutha bleeping artist and people don’t know ish

I love art. In all of its many facets.

In middle school, I used to draw and sell comics for classmates. I was a furniture salesman and merchandiser. I took one year of sewing in high school along with three years of various art classes. I have a BFA in fashion design + marketing. I bake and cook all the time and the shit is delicious. I like hiking. I love poetry. I’m into meditating and learning about the power of crystals. I enjoy taking photos and I think I’m pretty ok at it. I’ve interned with a bridal company. I travel as much as I can. I thoroughly enjoy attending art galleries and museums. I’m enamored with Moroccan interior decor. I’ve been in fashion shows/modeled a bit. I want to be a DJ. I love to learn how things are made. I attempted to start a clothing brand with an old friend I met off Craig’sList. {We should have just stayed friends.} I started a mobile bakeshop business and some of my baked goods can be found in a local tea shop. I love doing nails. I’ve worked visuals at Macy’s. I used to want to be a teacher long before drawing stole my heart. {I still might..} I draw all the time and post sketches on social media and sell or swap some of them and I have sketchbooks and notebooks and pieces of scrap scribbled with quotes, poems and ideas. I take random art classes in the city. I love decorating and organizing.

And now, as I type this, I am a writer.

My point? All of these things are me. I am all of these things. I can have a finger in any one or none of these art forms at any given time. Old acquaintances [and my parents] may look at me and say but don’t you have a degree in…? Weren’t you doing such and such last year? I thought you were doing ________. And so on.

The short answer? Sure, yea..what’s it to ya? I am an artist. You cannot put us in one box, or any box for that matter. Every artist I know is multifaceted; they may make their money in one or two areas and be really good at a handful of others, but their interests and skills are limitless. That is the beauty of art.



Being a creative adult in a society that does not celebrate creativity is not normal.


I’ve been that cartoon chicken; depressed. Drained. Unfulfilled. Lost. Spending too many late nights exhausted yet restless, wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life. “Adulting” by ignoring my gifts and callings for a paycheck, a few vacation days[aka escape time] and some cheap doctor visits I never used. But boxes -unless they’re kraft boxes- as I mentioned, don’t exist in an artist’s fantasy world of beauty and love and pain and adventure. It took me some time to understand that.. that maybe I was an orange in a basket of apples and needed to make some moves.

All I’m trying to say is I hope this inspires any other oranges to make the moves necessary for them to create a more satisfying existence.

Artists, in all forms, with this one life, never stop seeking new things to enjoy. Ever. There are no do-overs. No second acts. Even if you must sit in a cubicle or abide a supervisor you despise, don’t bend so far to where there’s no place for your imagination to be free. Look for or create your dream job. Foster all creative outlets. Make time to explore your interests. Find new parts of yourself. Drop the fear. Have fun with it. Be.

brilliant cartoons ©Doug Savage