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All photos by Cush & Co. Not sure how they got these pictures of my house tho..



I really love Cush&Co’s Moroccan-inspired design. It’s clean and fresh yet warm and cozy. I love the contrast. I also believe your space should be your sanctuary, even it’s it’s just one room or corner.



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Spring Getaway ’14: Part Dos

Atlanta, my third home, is well known for its historic plentitude, delicious food and the greatest rap duo ever in the history of rap [Outkast-duh!], so it’s easy to find [or rediscover] all the cool things this southern gem has to offer.

On my recent visit, I had the pleasure of being a guest of a guest staying at Le Méridien, a very modern, luxe-y hotel. I love love love contemporary and modern architecture and decor, so I was delighted to behold such charm within such a simple, unassuming exterior.

I took a bunch of photos with my phone. Take a look:


first impression..


a chatting nook in the lobby

This particular location is perfectly situated near the highway and Permieter Mall aaand is smoke-free!


the library..


with REAL books!

lobby lounge

lobby lounge

Some hotel lobbies are super stuffy, boring and lifeless, making you feel like it’s solely a transitional space you must go through to get to and from your room. But Le Méridien’s has so much character and really feels like a lounge or cafe for the cool kids. Not your standard chairs, plastic plants and check-in counter, but a few vignettes to choose from to wait for your taxi, enjoy a bite to eat, watch the game, or just appreciate the artwork and atmosphere.

the carpet [yea I took a picture of the carpet!]

the carpet [yea I took a picture of the carpet!]

book display

book display

For me, it is all about the details. Modern spaces can sometimes feel barren and cold. But with layers of textures and a bold color palette, it’s obvious the designers and decorators went in to make sure such a modern space feels warm and bright and inviting. It’s like you’re going to stay with your incredibly rich relative who has stupendous taste instead of a hotel.

some hot guy at the bar

some lame guy at the lobby bar



Starwood Hotels are known for their more popular branches- like Four Points, Sheraton, W and Westin- but their fly little cousin Le Méridien [which was acquired, not created by Starwood] definitely gave me that cool, young, boutique-y feel I like to get when I’m away from home.


they have quotes in the mirrors, y’all!


I’m a sucker for white bed linens.


[almost] all gray everything

There just may be a Le Méridien in your city [which would make the perfect staycation], or in the town you’re planning to visit.  I’m so glad I was able to take a peek inside and share with you, and I’ll definitely be looking [and hopefully booking] it up when I make my next getaway.

the room key

[your room key]

Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid


The color of the year, according to the color gods at Pantone, is supposedly an inspiration for designer’s fashion collections[including interior designs and decor] and reflects the state of the economy? For example, if it were a yellow, we consumers need a pick me up. I think it’s a bit of a crock because I don’t remember seeing a ton of emerald last year..or maybe I missed it because I wasn’t shopping in Neiman Marcus or Barney’s? I saw a lot of neon green [maybe because it’s so dang bright lol..] and celestial/outer space prints.

Anyway, this year it’s radiant orchid- a beautiful, bold and bright pinkish purple hue. I’m not sure how/if it reflects our financial state, but it sure is pretty!


Ahem, I’m ahead of the trend, already incorporating this color into my life with fresh flowers in my apartment, lipstick and nail varnish. Where has Pantone been?!


Bringing Africa Home

If you’re like me with big dreams of traveling the Motherland but can’t yet afford it, try the much cheaper route of bringing Africa into your home. It’s easy to do with simple, chic accessories that make a statement without turning your space into a museum. Many of the fabrics used are bright and graphic and will add a fresh, youthful vibe to your home.  Here are a few of my favorite things [via etsy, of course]:

African Wax Print, Maracuja $30, etsy

African Wax Print, Maracuja $30

"Nile Lotus" Throw Pillow $30, etsy

“Nile Lotus” Throw Pillow $30, OSxN

"Africa Clock" $30, castlehomeware via etsy

“Africa Clock” $30, castlehomeware

3/3 "Moroccan Fine Art Photos" $75, Sarah Franklin via etsy

3/3 “Moroccan Fine Art Photos” $75, Sarah Franklin

"Technicolor Tub Chair" $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery

“Technicolor Tub Chair” $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery

"Antique Africa Elephant Stool" $189, EastWestClassic1980

“Antique Africa Elephant Stool” $189, EastWestClassic1980

"Tribal Design Pouf" $75, Maria Vargas Design

“Tribal Design Pouf” $75, Maria Vargas Design

"Danish Mid-Century Chair" $1320, chezboheme

“Danish Mid-Century Chair” $1320, chezboheme

Senufo Stool/Side Table " $400, africanhouse via etsy

Senufo Stool/Side Table ” $400, africanhouse via etsy

Although authentic pieces can be pricey, a single article of furniture can completely alter a room, so it will be worth the investment. Pillows and artwork can help pull it all together without the commitment. Stay tuned for the clothing and accessories version of Bringing Africa Home. In the meantime, happy shopping!!

Looks I Love: Metallic w/ Pastel

Metallic is still in for the summer season, as are pastels, and I love their visual appeal when they’re coupled, especially with gold. The combination of hard and soft, shiny and subdued, look polished and pretty together. Metallic offers a hint of glam while still being a neutral and is easy to find in accessories, jewelry and shoes. Crisp white, black and bold prints also pair well with metallics [and not just in attire].

Give your digits a metal pastel mix..
Or your make-up..Or even your bedroom..

Metallic <3s Pastel

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’ve always been a fan of indoor and outdoor plants but never had any of my own. I guess I never took the time to learn their different needs and read up on their many benefits. Plus there are soo many pretty choices, where would I start? But I read this little blog post today that simply identified the best ones for improving air quality indoors, and I’d thought I’d share the gift of knowledge. I think I’ll begetting one soon.

1. Bamboo Palm: removes formaldehyde and acts as a natural humidifier

2. Snake Plant: absorbs formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides

3. Areca Palm: one of the best air purifying plants

4. Spider Plant: great for removing carbon monoxides and other toxins and impurities

5. Peace Lily: known to remove mold spores

6. Gereba Daisy: known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen overnight

my source: