a bit of black herstory

Sanitary Belt.
Sanitary Belt with Moisture-proof Napkin Pocket.
Carrier attachment for invalid walkers.
Bathroom Tissue Holder.
Back washer mounted on a shower wall and bathtub.

Mary Beatrice was born on May 17, 1912. Her sister, Mildred, invented the Family Treeditions game, which -you guessed it- helps people learn of their ancestors and family trees. And instead of selling the rights, Mildred manufactured the game + sold it herself.

They believed that their natural talent for discovery came from their nurturing, inventive father, Sidney Nathaniel Davidson; when Mary was a toddler, he started creating a pants presser that was patented in 1914.

Mary’s work on the Sanitary napkin wasn’t patented until 1956, and it wouldn’t be until 30 years after that she would be allocated a patent. The company first interested in her idea rejected it after they discovered she was an African American woman.

She also worked as a professional floral arranger who operated her own business. [source]

I had no idea what a sanitary belt was nor did I know the inventor of the bathroom tissue holder was a Black woman! I hope you learned a bit of history as well.

PSA: moisturize them thighs [and everything else]

I know you’ve kept up your resolutions to work out 3x a week for at least four hours with a kale-based diet, so you should be summertime fine by now + ready to show off that physique! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite new skincare brands to enhance your hot new bod so all of its popping muscles can glisten in the sunlight:


The Natural Root The ladies of The Natural Root, friends Lori + Kim, are SO much fun! They have great energy and are so proud of their products. They have a scent for every body in the family. I love The Natural Root‘s formula; they make it fresh in tiny batches-great for year round use from hair to toes because it is super whipped, probably the lightest shea butter I’ve ever felt. TNR also sells graphic tees to enhance your beautiful, naturally sexy self. Plus they’re based in Atlanta so it’s easier for me to get my fix without the hassle of ordering and waiting and being sad and ashy in the meantime.


Jayn Grene The smell is what got me with Jayn Grene. I kick myself for not remembering the lovely creator’s name, but her shea butter is yumazing! The difference is that all of her products have hemp oil [hence that name] and ..I dunno.. I assume that it’s the hemp that gives it a very unique, musky/manly undertone that I’ve never experienced. And I LOVE IT. It’s whipped to perfection as well.  She’s got something for the bearded fellas too. Jayn Grene is based out of Southern California so, once again, if you’re in the states, you’re not making much of a carbon footprint by purchasing locally.

Naturally Birthed Aaliyah, the founder, is such a sweet young lady! I love her spirit and passion behind her brand. And the natural aesthetics of the packaging are right up my alley. She does a few things [soap, body butter + body scrub] and does them really well. I love the time and attention she puts into her product and you can just feel the quality. Naturally Birthed is also based in Atlanta, but you can shop conveniently with a good wi-fi connection. May I suggest some soufflé for those parched heels??

I just love meeting the CEOs of small companies selling things that I actually dig and use on a regular basis. Just like buying from your local farmer, you know exactly who and what is behind the label. And, unlike super market or drugstore brands, you don’t bear the risk of any pesky preservatives sitting on your precious skin, ineffective or less effective watered down shea butter, or the stale scent that can accompany products that sit on shelves for months or years at a time. Plus they are all Black lady-owned and operated, so it’s kind of a no brainer for a sister to support.

Please check these brands out if you’re looking for something new this upcoming sandal and muscle tee season. Chances are if you’re not, you know someone who is guilty of skin neglect that popped into your mind when you began reading this post. All I ask is to be mindful; no one wants to see dry, cracked feet, a sad beard or scaly skin! Ever. Shea butter, with continuous use, can fix alla that!

The Natural Root | Jayn Grene | Naturally Birthed

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DivaCup, where you been all my life??!


In my own words, lemme just explain what the DivaCup is: DC is a menstrual cycle alternative to pads and tampons. It’s made of flexible silicone and can be used over and over-unlike pads and tampons-so it is much more earth-friendly and economic. Instead of absorbing your sacred lady juices, the DivaCup collects them in a cup[hence the name] until you’re ready to dispose. You can keep your cup for a year [or more], but, like any hygiene product, use your discretion on when it’s time to toss [like you would a toothbrush or underwear or bath towels]. I rinse my cup with warm water in between uses and boil it between periods to keep it extra sterile.dvWhat steered and really motivated me to try the Diva is the creepy moldy tampon story. True life nightmare! I dunno how true it is, but honestly, it could really happen to any of us! How many times do we hear of widespread food contamination? At least once a year, right. This could easily happen with any product we apply, insert or digest that we don’t make ourselves. And most tampons come with applicators so we don’t even see what we’re inserting. eek! So on my continuous quest to better my self and health [and save money and save the earth], trying DivaCup [or a brand like it] was a no-brainer.

I tried disposable menstrual cups and they’re like Frankenstein-just kinda big, stiff and awkward. They didn’t do their job too well but did help [slightly] with my transition from tampons to cups.

The insertion and removal of the flexible DivaCup requires much more “finesse” than a tampon, so a little practice-probably most comfortably in the the privacy of your home bathroom-is essential. But once you get the hang of it, it’s much smoother to apply and take out. [None of that irritation that usually accompanies the application and removal of tampons on lighter flow days. Dry rub much?!] Applied correctly, you can’t even feel it, like contact lenses or good underwear. It’s much safer to leave in for extended periods of time. And now that DivaCup is in my life, I don’t see a reason to ever let go! It’ll run you about $40 but this is nothing compared to the $6-8 monthly box of tampons you buy and buy and flush and toss and flush. Monthly! You do the math.

Most women have a moon time for more than half their lives, so I highly recommend!

Do you need more reasons? Another sister’s review?


Think about it, ladies. ❤

funkin it up

“deodorant adventures”

It started in like fourth grade with Teen Spirit.


I then graduated to Secret.


…had a loooong love affair with Dove..


Eventually learned the dangers of aluminum and started using Tom’s. I love Tom’s.


But on my quest to find a small and/or Black-owned funk-defier, I recently moved on.

So now it’s me + Nubian Heritage. For now. Maybe.


I got the coconut&papaya scent. It smells amazing. My problem is the consistency! And I’m sad because I really wanted it to work! And it keeps me smelling pretty good, but NH is mad sticky because it’s made with glycols from corn. Yea. Same stuff corn syrup is made of, so I dunno what I was expecting. It’s not smooth to the touch and looks like cake frosting if I have any moisture under my arms. Long story short: No stores in my area carry it so I paid $8+shipping for A STICK 😦 . I’m already sticky enough with this summer humidity so my relationship with Nubian’s deodorant will end once this stick does. But they have a ton of other products that I wanna try, {plus I got a coupon! eyy} so I’ll be a return customer.

Stay fresh, y’all!