Is Black History Month Just a Brutally Honest White History Month? [a reblog]

White people are just as sick of black history month as black people are, for the same reasons. You see, to a black person, black history month is full of what white people done to black people. To a white person, it’s the same — it’s white people doing things to black people. So, in knowing that, wouldn’t Black History Month be a brutally, radically honest element of white history?

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The Castration of the Black Man [a reblog]

Thanks for this excellent post, MINDSIGHTCOLLECTIVE. It perfectly illustrates the marathons men with Black skin and an African identity must run before they can walk or even stand. I realize the system is designed for us to always come in last place, but I hope you gain strength and some peace in clarity of how you came to be perceived as so much of what you’re not.


The Black male is only conscious of himself through the ideals of the dominant culture that does not see him or allow him to function as a man of equal status. Thus creating a conflicting identity of being a Black man in a White society. Black masculinity has been institutionalised and socialised by the White […]

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ain’t sh*t men [a reblog]

I enjoyed this piece mostly because it was written by a man to men on their shitty behavior [instead of an angry woman who is fed up. I hear you, sis, but it’s time men take that responsibility]. In a patriarchal society, of course some men learn that they can do anything. Say anything. Have anything; the world is their oyster. Even the bad boys get praised for.. well, being bad. But, I would never think to say “men ain’t shit” because that is an undeserved generalization. Sure, plenty of men ain’t, but I know a nice amount of gentlemen who are genuine, sweet, respectful, patient and generous. You know the kinds that never post non-artistic mostly nude WCWs, never call women out of their name [unless it’s along the lines of queen or beautiful]. The ones that call you if you don’t call them to confirm that you made it home safely. The kinds that give and give yet only expect no more than a thank you in return. Buuuut, this piece really made me think about how they got to be “great” in my eyes. Possibly someone called them out on their shit? Maybe they lost the love of their life? Maybe they held onto a skewed list of priorities and realized they put value in the wrong things. Or or maybe they were made in test tubes and have just always been that awesome and never did any woman dirty?

The answers? Subjective. But I’m sure every man I know has had a foot, knowingly or not, in rape culture. It’s just nice to hear one admit it.

It’s a great read. I’d like to hear your take.

By Jalil Mustaffa Bishop Dear Men: We ain’t shit. I feel like it is time for me to write the letter that I wished someone gave to me a long time ago. This letter is addressed to cisgender/heterosexual people who identify as men (cisgender refers to people who self-identify with the gender socially assigned to…

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week 46 || 2016

I wasn’t going to speak on this but.. since amurdikkka selected Trump, I’ve been seeing a LOT of…..for lack of a better term, bitchassness. Seriously. Folks are acting like the world has ended. The only difference between our history in this nation and now is that stuff is getting recorded and going viral in real time. Oh, and everyone has an opinion and you have to agree with it -_- White people have just exposed  and reignited their blatant hate and have become even more emboldened to harass women, Muslims, people of color/anyone who doesn’t favor them and whoever disagrees with their views. Now that many of us have embraced our natural beauty, make a living as a whatever we choose + stopped working for free, they want nothing to do with us. [Which is fine by me, actually; just leave us alone already!]

We’ve always been niggers in their eyes, but now we’re proud niggers with degrees, broad vocab and shit.. and they don’t like that. Ruh oh. Trump has given them “their” country and confidence back, making them feel better about their demise and worthlessness. And all I hear, mostly from Hitlery supporters, is

“What are we gonna do?!”

“Where do we go from here??!”

If Trump is your biggest problem, well, your life is pretty sweet. For most of us, Trump is our neighbor. Our coworkers. Our landlord. The lady following us around the  beauty supply store. The banker that denied our loan application. Our kid’s teacher. The cops that murder us and go to bed with an administrative leave check under their pillow.

Not to discount those that have been hurt or threatened since Trump’s win [or ever, for that matter], but this country has n e v e r been on our side. I’m not sure if you noticed, but a half-Black president with a Black wife and Black children didn’t change things for our betterment. So the face behind the title doesn’t hold much value, does it?

It should not take a tragedy, natural disaster or a hideous orange clown moving in on Pennsylvania Ave for you to care about the future of our Black brothers + sisters! Instead of rocking a safety pin or [just] sharing memes and quotes of confusion, fear and disappointment, read. Donate your money, time or clothes to those in need. Evaluate the company you keep. Limit who you tell what and what you share on your social feeds. Learn how to shoot some guns. Then figure out your favorite and buy one. Learn other methods of self defense. Without broadcasting it online, organize with likeminded individuals who you can actually count on to protect and serve.

Lets continue getting back to our roots + barter goods, grow and make our own food, take care of each other’s children and families. Teach and be open to learning something constructive that doesn’t involve pro sports or celebrities.

Learn how to heal naturally without the use of western drugs. Exercise and get outdoors more. Meditate on the good you want to see come to fruition. Learn a new trade.

I feel like a broken record.. Just please, unless you’re sharing knowledge, take a break from your phone, turn off the tv + stop complaining about what’s going on and do your part to change it. Help somebody! Create a meaningful existence. It’s really not that difficult. We don’t have much time here in this one life.

I’m just saying, this ugly orange tidal wave has been on its way for quite some time. For cheeto man to even be placed in the running, America has proven, once again, that it is not a democracy but a big joke, sans the gut busting laughter.  I mean if we were already a strong, prepared united front, this helplessness and fear would have been replaced long ago with a ready for whatever/by any means attitude. Don the Con would be a non-mf’n factor.

Regardless of if Killary takes this thing in December, I hope this nonsense of an election leads you and your loved ones to an awakening rather than a state of complacency, fear or inaction. I am quite certain the latter is what they want. Together, let’s show them that is not what they’re going to get.

And, for once, stay angry, united and vigilant. We were built for this.