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Top Five: Puerto Rico

So I think I’m gonna start this new thing because you know once you get away, you kinda get an itch to plan another trip or at least try more new things in this one short life. So it’ll be my top five reasons to go wherever. Short and sweet so I don’t ramble.

For my first Top Five installment, Puerto Rico gets the spotlight:

  1. The Beach Being from southern California and frequenting its local beaches, it is refreshing to see clearer water and much less garbage on the beach. Plus you can stay there all night without beach patrol regulating on you.
  2. El Yunque My crew and I lucked up on a sweet deal to not only get an educational tour of PR’s sacred rain forest, but the company had a shuttle to pick us up and drop us off at our b+b in San Juan. [Ask for Alex; he’s very knowledgable, took us off the beaten path and is just the best!] If you plan to visit and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, I encourage you to venture out and see El Yunque. The experience was priceless.
  3. The Fooood! I am a foodie and being on an island, of course seafood-mainly grouper-was their specialty. Waffle-era, Bagua and Kamoli were my favorite spots. I also enjoyed some of the best mojitos of my life.
  4. The Aesthetics The area we stayed in was very pedestrian-friendly, so we walked and took the bus most of the time, only taking a taxi to and from the airport. I found myself stopping several times during our treks to photograph the interesting plant life, street art, gates and edifices.
  5. The Weather/Island Vibe As I mentioned, we walked most of time. It does rain a lot [hence the rainforest on the island], but we lucked up and missed any storms. There really are no seasons in Puerto Rico, so any time of year is a good time to go.


And it seems as though everyone is kind of on island time. Even the cops seemed kind of lax. There was no such thing as hustle and bustle. On some of our crowded city bus excursions, people appeared worry-free. It might have something to do with the amazing weather, all the good eats and beautiful views.


Winter Getaway: Foodie Edition

Someday real soon I’ll be able to brag about places other than southern California to get bomb food. But until then, I’ll share a few new treasures I found when I was there about a month ago.


The bestie and I were starving, hunting for the closest Chick-Fil-A, and we found it, but there were waaay too many cars and patrons. And with our death level threat of hunger, we just couldn’t we kept driving. Luckily we quickly stumbled upon Fat Tomato Pizza. Such a cute, quaint spot! With an array of food choices from sandwiches to New York style pizzas to pastas, Fat Tomato has something for everyone with an Italian tooth [instead of a sweet tooth, get it?]


The meal and service was boooomb! So delicious and fresh, you can really taste the difference compared to a gooey processed pizza that’s been under a heat lamp its whole life. Plus they have vegan cheese[???] and gluten-free pizza.


I’d heard nothing but good things about Urth Caffe and I was finally able to try it! Maybe we went on a bad day/at a bad time, because the crowd was crazy! At the Santa Monica location, they pile in the customers like cattle, which isn’t my favorite way to eat a meal around strangers. But at least the food was amazing! I got a toasted bagel and lox, iced chai tea and orange pound cake. It was all just perfect. They give nice, healthy slices of cake and tall glasses of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, but the crowd was a bit much. I’d give it a second shot though.




I really wanted to try Wooden Spoon in downtown L.A., but they have like five tables. Maybe four. So if you don’t make a reservation [even on a Tuesday night], you will most likely be out of luck. My party and I walked just across the street to the Pattern Bar. It’s very cute yet dark and mysterious-perfect for a romantic date and/or some intimate conversation.


Pattern Bar has amazing signature cocktails [named after famous designers] and yummy tapas for the table to share. A little on the pricey side for the small amount of food you get, but it was pretty dang tasty. I’ll definitely be going back.

2000 Watts

Hey hey hey! Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been amazing and memorable. I know mine was!! I had a big birthday [nerdy 30] and was blessed enough to get away and enjoy it with some real ones in my home city of Los Angeles.


Instead of revisiting my favorite go-to eateries this trip, I ventured out to explore some new places [because L.A. has a LOT to choose from]. And I’m really glad I did.


My cousin who grew up and still resides in southern California suggested her friend’s coffee shop in Watts, aptly named Watts Coffee House. This cozy spot is dope! Right up my alley with eclectic decor, Black posters and artwork, good music, great energy, on the ball service and, of course, super delicious cuisine.


Watts Coffee House specializes in southern food [I had cheese eggs, grits and some bombass fried catfish]. All of it was perfectly cooked and tasty. A freshly baked brownie with homemade whipped cream topped of the experience.


Please stop by this gem if you live in or are visiting the L.A. area. It’s super close to Watts Towers if you’re looking for something else tourist-y to do. I suggest you walk the couple of blocks to it after your meal cuz trust, you will be stuffed and satisfied!20141230_143407




To learn more about WCH’s history and outlook, take a read and Google it!!

Address: 1827 East 103rd Street [at Wilmington], Los Angeles, CA 90002

Phone:(323) 249-4343