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We grow food from the city for the city. 

Where some see abandoned building, we see farms capable of feeding hundreds of thousands. We want our customers and communities to be empowered, engaged, and enriched. We are obsessed with the quality of produce and the many ways we can use technology to maximize productivity and minimize waste. We set out to transform the way we grow and distribute food globally. We are here to grow the highest quality and most sustainable produce, while doing our part to improve food security, mitigate climate change, and reverse urban blight. source


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For Nadia Robinson of D.C.-based Locals Grow Smart, erasing food deserts means transforming the community that raised her. Growing up in Washington, D.C.’s Northeast side, Robinson spent hours in the kitchen and garden with her mother and grandmother, who grew up on a farm. While fresh meals were readily available at her home, she noticed her neighbors struggled with nutrition education and access to fresh produce, often settling for highly processed options. District-level food justice efforts commissioned by First Lady Michelle Obama target the neighborhood, but Robinson sensed a void—her community needed a multi-functional pillar to address more than nutrition. With its 3,000 square foot (914.4 square meters) greenhouse, Locals tackles four problems—food insecurity, job training, feedback loops between climate change and traditional farming, and vacant buildings in city centers.

Three years ago, while a college student in Syracuse, Robinson built a small garden out of reclaimed construction materials in the basement of her apartment building. After graduating as a bioengineering and entrepreneurship major, Robinson returned to the Northeast side to transform a vacant building into the first of what she hopes will be many vertical urban farms in D.C. She found that growing a small business, especially at twenty-two, required a relentlessly positive attitude. “If I failed, at least somebody else could learn from my failures and move forward,” she told Food Tank. “Urban farming is fundamentally non-traditional and requires thinking outside the box.” She remains adamantly committed to her mission of creating a community “pillar” by offering mentorships to public school students and recent graduates in need of job skills. By renovating empty urban spaces, Locals boosts the area’s economic stability. The proprietary aquaponics design yields eighty-percent more produce per unit of area than traditional field farming, while using no soil and ninety-percent less land and water. The farm partners with local grocers to expand access and further reduce climate impact by reducing grocers’ reliance on produce transported long distances. On average, Locals yields 3,458 pounds (1,568.5 kilograms) per month, composed primarily of micro greens, edible flowers, and herbs in addition to a small scale research and development project work shopping mini vegetables and organic feed crops. Locals is looking to deepen its impact by incorporating more area nonprofits and educational centers.

Due to D.C.’s unique district status, Locals works with neighboring Maryland’s farm agencies for funding, mentorship, and zoning regulations. Regarding the latter, Robinson notes that indoor gardening operations register as small businesses, so are not vulnerable to the same strict zoning policies. Because of this, her operation has faced few policy hurdles. Policymakers are starting to catch up with the urban agriculture movement, but for the time being, small urban farms rely on one another for support and trade, two aspects Robinson hopes to see thriving in the near future. “When you’re growing specific crops, like micro greens, it’s hard to market,” she told Food Tank. Robinson notes the benefit for all parties when local producers trade expertise and goods and plans to foster those connections in coming years. For eager green thumbs, Robinson suggests to “cultivate your passion and patience…things won’t always go your way.” Locals welcomes volunteers as they open their second farming location in D.C.

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week 33 || 2016

Health is not just about what you’re eating or how active you are; it also entails what you’re thinking and saying. So be as choicely with your thoughts + words as you are with your diet.

Two Dough Girls Debut


We didn’t get anywhere near our kickstarter goal, but when you’re a bawse, you make things happen! Things work out in the end and we’ll still be debuting our all natural desserts at this year’s Simmer Down Picnic in Atlanta! Whoop! I’m geeked. It goes down this Sunday, September 13th at The Arts Exchange from 3-8p. It’s family friendly. Hence the picnic title, bring a blanket, some cash, your boo or/and your crew and be ready to chill. There will be nothing but good music, good eats and good vibes. If you or someone you know will be around, please join us!

the allevents.in description:

We are throwing a picnic! Sunday September 13. 3-8pm at The Arts Exchange

Bring yourself, a blanket and some friends and we have the rest covered! Simmer Down Picnic presented by Chop It Up x Good Hearts Win will be a Summer outdoor experience in creative company!

Free entry! Free entry! Free entry!

Dos Equis
Move Loot

95th St Tacos
Two Dough Girls
Well Pressed Juice
Spot 364
Cupcake Hero

*Live Music by:
Nino Augustine & O.P.E Band
The Sagas
Yani Mo
Karen Alise

Pre-feast bike ride by Clutch BMX and ChillyO! Meeting up at 3pm at the parking lot next to The Sound Table! Short sweet ride for all riders of all types of bikes!

*Clothing Swap hosted by Kiwi Vintage Market x Attic Noise

*Aubrey Astrology offering in-depth birth chart readings

*Food and drinks will be onsite to purchase and it’s free entry!


Sounds bomb to me! If I wasn’t involved, I’d still be going. Anyhoo, I really appreciate all the love I’ve received; if you took the time to even read my previous TDG posts, share our story or donate, you’ve contributed much more than you know; doing something we truly enjoy and sharing our dream is not the easiest undertaking. Advice and encouragement are invaluable so keep it coming!

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just 3 days without sugar

So since we moved to the dirty dirty, my fam has been going kinda hard with the abundance of delicious food choices Atlanta and the surrounding has to offer. Since I’ve lived here before, I knew what was up, but they have had a definite influence now that they’re here with me.

Anywho, instead of just being some lazy fatties, we have become much more active and still enjoy preparing most of our meals at home. But my sis proposed a 10 day parasite cleanse [that she found on the Twitter] since she wants to get her skin “in order” and rid the body of the toxins eating processed meats and refined sugars can put in our bodies. Pluuuus she thinks I have a sugar addition. What??! I kinda do love my sweets! But I wouldn’t say I’m an addict. She just caught me on a bad week when I was having my ladyproblem and wanted Starbucks e v e r y d a y.


But, without a smile, I said ok. No problem! Let’s do it.

To prove to myself that I could do it plus give my digestive system a little break. The cleanse is ten days total: first three days no/low sugar[including high-sugar fruits like bananas or apples 😦 ] and no dairy; and no meat for all 10 days. [FYI, we did indulge in fruits and veggies with less than like 3g of sugar, like cucumbers, zucchini and spinach. We’re not trying to die.] The no meat thing is not an issue for me, though, cuz I’m part pescetarian anyway hehe, but I did have a headache[a normal side effect] most of the first day from sugar withdrawal, I’m sure. I mean think about how much sugar we all consume: from a lil honey in your tea to a slice of toast to salad dressing. Even in my dang almond milk, fructose is ever-present.

The second day was actually a breeze. No headaches and I actually felt satisfied after my meals.

And the third day… did I even daydream of a pancake or a handful of grapes or some bomb Talenti gelato?? Heeeeeeeeellll yes, but I do think it is helpful [and necessary] for me to periodically cleanse in a way my body can handle. It forces resistance and creativity which drives you to whip up some unique dishes you wouldn’t necessarily try to make if sugar and meat were still on the menu. And, my best advice if you want to go for it?: Buy substitutions for your go-to snacks and meals that you actually enjoy and I promise it won’t be so bad.

And once you do get that first sugary morsel after a few days, oh how sweet it is!!

ice creamII

Winter Getaway: Foodie Edition

Someday real soon I’ll be able to brag about places other than southern California to get bomb food. But until then, I’ll share a few new treasures I found when I was there about a month ago.


The bestie and I were starving, hunting for the closest Chick-Fil-A, and we found it, but there were waaay too many cars and patrons. And with our death level threat of hunger, we just couldn’t ..so we kept driving. Luckily we quickly stumbled upon Fat Tomato Pizza. Such a cute, quaint spot! With an array of food choices from sandwiches to New York style pizzas to pastas, Fat Tomato has something for everyone with an Italian tooth [instead of a sweet tooth, get it?]


The meal and service was boooomb! So delicious and fresh, you can really taste the difference compared to a gooey processed pizza that’s been under a heat lamp its whole life. Plus they have vegan cheese[???] and gluten-free pizza.


I’d heard nothing but good things about Urth Caffe and I was finally able to try it! Maybe we went on a bad day/at a bad time, because the crowd was crazy! At the Santa Monica location, they pile in the customers like cattle, which isn’t my favorite way to eat a meal around strangers. But at least the food was amazing! I got a toasted bagel and lox, iced chai tea and orange pound cake. It was all just perfect. They give nice, healthy slices of cake and tall glasses of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, but the crowd was a bit much. I’d give it a second shot though.




I really wanted to try Wooden Spoon in downtown L.A., but they have like five tables. Maybe four. So if you don’t make a reservation [even on a Tuesday night], you will most likely be out of luck. My party and I walked just across the street to the Pattern Bar. It’s very cute yet dark and mysterious-perfect for a romantic date and/or some intimate conversation.


Pattern Bar has amazing signature cocktails [named after famous designers] and yummy tapas for the table to share. A little on the pricey side for the small amount of food you get, but it was pretty dang tasty. I’ll definitely be going back.

Summer Getaway 2014



It’s crazy to hear people say “fall is coming! I can feel it” as I look at my city’s 5-day forecast and there isn’t a day under 95. And with all the bs going on in Africa, the Middle East and right here at home in Missouri, I was beyond ready to get out of my apartment in the desert and onto a California beach. It’s a proven restorative for me. The waves, the hues, the reflections, the breeze, the smell- it all feels especially amazing when your heart is heavy.




Dockweiler {above} is perfect for families and parties with plenty of space for tents and blankets and bonfires. Venice {below} is awesome for people-watching and dining and catching the sunset between the palms.




My diet pretty much goes out the window on vacation. I wanna munch on my must-haves and taste new stuff, and I don’t like restrictions! It’s called holiday for these reasons, I assume.

Roscoe’s is like tradition now. I will be honest and say it’s not about the chicken or the waffles, but the combination of the two, along with their syrup, which is habit-forming.


dotted-lineA new addition to my L.A. must-eat list is coolhaus. I really really really enjoyed this tiny, cool ice cream sandwich parlor. You can customize with unique ice creams and tasty cookie flavors, like almond coconut or snickerdoodles and blueberry with sweet corn ommmg!!


We kinda ordered the same thing for dessert at Gaby’s [aka Med Cafe]..


dotted-line[Du-par’s {traditional family dining}, Coffee Co {a cute cafe with tons of yummy items}, and Bloom {where healthy meets delicious} are all great choices for breakfast and lunch too! I swear all we did was eat.


Not only is the ocean a natural healer, but breaking the monotony that life can sometimes become is essential . I thoroughly enjoyed it. The vacation served its purpose and then some. I was also advised that I need to hurry up and get back to consistently doing what excites and fulfills me. Even when having an awesome time, I’m often reminded that I have one life.

No dress rehearsals.

No do-overs.

This is it!

The same goes for you! So, if you haven’t lately, step out of the cubicle and go somewhere! Anywhere! Traveling heals the soul! And there are millions of beautiful, inspiring places to see. Even if it’s to a place you’re super familiar with, a little time away from the usual will refresh the life you have, or -even better- make you realize your life ain’t all that and push you to take those necessary steps to get closer to the life you desire.


Until next time..