week 17|2017

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

You guys already know KING is one of my favorite vocal groups. Ever. They are so gifted with such a creative approach to not only their music but the visuals they pair with it. I think the imagery in this video depicts Prince’s untimely death; I see a bit of symbolism that brought me to that conclusion. Someone I know thinks that’s a reach, but it’s a beautiful video, nonetheless. Let me know what you think.

Can you believe it’s been a year already. RIP Prince

week 16|2017

I find it extremely liberating to see that I was the cause of all of my problems. With this realization I have also learned that I am my own solution. This is the great big gift of personal accountability. When we stop blaming external forces and own up to our responsibility we become the ultimate creators of our destiny. – Jenna Galbut



I just love this.. I (re)discovered it saved in my screenshots and, man, after reading Dr. G’s wise words of co-creating, it resonates more than ever.

You know those people who always play the blame game? Who point the finger at everyone and everything except themselves? Yeah.. here’s to being the opposite of that. I know in the past, it was more difficult for me to take responsibility for my downfalls, especially if my intention opposed the receiving party’s perception. But now it’s like, ok, I see where you’re coming from. Discuss if necessary and move on. On the opposite of the same coin, I also have the power to remove blame gamers – actually, any and everything that disrupts my chi. I mean, why not make the best of this one life? Or at least do what’s in our power to try.

one moodyass poem

Lately I can’t seem to shake these thoughts of you.

They say when you think of someone so much,
they’re thinking of you too.
But that can’t be
because you’d call or text like you used to do.
Telling me about you and your days
until it was no longer new.
Our once lavish garden became overgrown with..boredom?
Complacency? We’ll never know what could have grew.
Delayed responses to simple messages
yet all over social media like glitter on glue.
Arguments sparked when I shared what hurt me most
and you couldn’t handle your shortcomings…and the truth.
What is with these guys-
boys in men’s bodies who play good women for fools.
Bravado schmeared over a lazy, narcissistic bagel-
not really that flavorful or interesting, but still a lot to chew.
Silly me for playing the same sad game
I knew I’d lose.
A hungry heart makes silly choices;
I’ve learned that through and through;
My mind escaped me as my heart took over, an array of emotions
from white hot, crimson, violet, gray, black and blue.
They matched the flowers at my doorstep
and the colors of your chameleon suits.
I hope you’ve learned that catching the girl may be easy,
but keeping her is for the strong and very few.
I know potential ain’t shit if not realized and put into motion;
our could/should/would have been just won’t do.
Next time I’ll heed the signs of a man incapable of loving;
my heels will kick up dust and I’ll say chooom ✌🏾

© 2017 KBW

Women, We Are the Shit {a reblog}

Because I needed this when I initially read it.. and again when I reread it this week. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face, too 😉

I know it may seem like I’m hard on us women (and I am) but it’s for a reason. I created my blog to establish a community where we can relate on different topics and issues to show that we are not alone in our thoughts and situations. Women we are strong in more ways…

via Women, We Are The Shit — The Single Bitch Diaries

week 15|2017


I’m in love with self-seeking;
Constantly looking
for ways to discover
the depths of me.
I’m addicted
to my own energy.
It is my innate source of light;
my connection with the Most.
I learned through my trials,
that I am my savior;
my pick-me-up.
And that is a beautiful responsibility.
© (d.d.l)

(photo stolen from the internet)

week 14|2017: on women + dating/relationships


I feel like I haven’t talked to you all in awhile. Hi! I’ve been reposting worthwhile reads, but I know I have been a bit M.I.A. with engaging and sharing thoughts of my own. Siiigh.. tis life. The below is not my own, but I echo the sentiments. (Feel free to read the passage now. I’ll wait..)

as women, we are often shamed into loneliness.
told that requiring anything is asking too much.
so we choose silence, over ourselves, as to not be read as lonely, desperate, needy, “thirsty”.
because apparently needing anything in particular other than sex makes you undesirable.
choose someone who listens when you speak,
who hears you when you talk,
someone who you can ask things of and not feel the shame that comes from feeling like you’re asking too much.” –@keyballah

What do you think? I think we all, men and women, harbor some residuals from past relationships and dates – whether good or not so good. One thing I recognize that shadows me e v e r y time I meet someone new is apprehension of sharing for fear of.. rejection? Yea, maybe. A stranger knowing too much and using it against me? For sure. Looking thirsty? Not really, actually. I think we’re all a bit fearful of our feelings getting disregarded by (undeserving) partners + prospects. Again. I just know that being honest is worth it because hey, people are going to judge you regardless, right? I’d rather be judged by who I am/my truth than a false representation any day. And I promise you that the handful of men that I’ve ever taken seriously know exactly how I felt during our relationships and when things ended. And even though it didn’t ever feel great ending it, they all know where my heart was and I don’t regret being vulnerable and telling them the truth. It’s helped me practice discernment, learn more about myself and have a bit more fun dating.

All in all, even though it may be scary to possibly have your ego/heart/feelings shattered, it’s worth it as you make your way to the one(s) that will hold dear you and your realness. I definitely appreciate real ones in a world that promotes highly edited ig #relationshipsgoals; the “couples” could just be bed buddies! Or models at work. How do we ever know??!

Dating can suck, but cheers to love!

[photo borrowed from the internet]