1. Kai · June 21, 2012

    I love the name! You are awesome and I can’t wait to see you shine!! Add me to the mailing list DSD4Life

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    • kelleyb · June 23, 2012

      Thanks, love! I appreciate the support. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰


  2. Al-Malik · August 5, 2012

    I love it Kelley. Great job.

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  3. HKow · May 1, 2013

    Keep up the good work!

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  4. Nomzi Kumalo · July 15, 2015

    Pleased to meet you. πŸ™‚

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  5. gingerfunk78 · January 21, 2016

    I love reading your posts and just nominated you for the blogger award…you can find the info here

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  6. MIRTHO LINGUET · January 30, 2016

    Dear Kelley,

    As a suggestio if you live in the somewhere in the USA , try to provide yourself this book (if it is not done yet). Title : The united independent compensatory code system and concept a textboook workbook for thought speech and or action for victims of racism (white supremacy). via http://www.producejustice.com
    May this work be fully constructive for you in terms of understanding. As it has been and remain for me THE BOOK,
    Quote from Mr Neely Fuller Jr : “if you don’t understand white supremacy(racism) what it is how it works evertything else that you understand will only confuse you.”

    In The Production Of Justice.

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    • kelley · January 31, 2016

      Awesome! Thank you for this suggestion.


  7. MIRTHO LINGUET · January 31, 2016

    Dear Kelley,

    Eventually and only if you think it can be necessary call Mr Neely Fuller at 202 484 54 61.

    In The Production Of Justice

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  8. E. English · March 1, 2016

    Jahla Beautiful Queen β™₯ Many blessings! ☺ Thank you for your love.

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  9. Afrika Bohemian · August 5


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    • kelley · August 5

      LOL I had to come back and read what I had written on this page! Just doing my part.

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      • Afrika Bohemian · August 5

        We need more black women like you in the world, we need women unafraid to face their femininity and their blackness and to question and challenge abuse and misconceptions about the black female. Ke a leboga, Asante Sana and Thank you for your blog, may it empower many daughters of the black baby sling

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  10. K E Garland · December 29

    Kelley, I wanted to invite you to write for the next independent book I’m going to edit. It’s based on father-daughter relationships. Do you have an email I can send it to so you can determine if you can or want to participate?

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  11. readefining · January 6

    it’s so comforting finding fellow black women in the bloggersphere speaking their truth. because in a world which trie to steal our voice, documenting in words is one of the most powerful things we can do. so happy to have stumbles across your world here, and excited to be a new addition to your little community you have going on here.

    elaine πŸ™‚

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    • kelley · January 6

      Thank you, Elaine! Welcome and I’m elated that you find my blog worthwhile. I’ve learnt to quit complaining about other races and even our brothers shaming our name and shutting down conversations that need to be had. I’m just doing my part!

      Many thanks to you! I look forward to your feedback.


  12. Pinkspen · January 30

    Everything you are about inspires me! Words cannot express how badly I would love to drink some wine and pick your brain! I am nominating you for a Blogger Recognition Award! Your voice is beautiful!!!! Don’t ever stop sharing with the world! Please check out my post for more information on how to participate https://aladyhoodjourney.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/blogger-recognition-award-ii/ I can’t wait to read yours!

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  13. Pinkspen · February 2

    So, I was checking out some of the people you follow yesterday because I love what you write about, and I stumbled upon a blogger with a post that disturbed me. I am all about equality and having a voice, but some voices need to be hushed because they are offensive to the well-being of man-kind as a whole, for example, Donald Trump, please check out this post https://aladyhoodjourney.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/call-me-a-f-lover/ I would love your feedback!

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  14. da-AL · May 9

    such a great site here!

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  15. Gravity · June 13


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