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artists L to R: Derrick Phillips Sr, Justin Anderson and Goldi Gold

So I’m mad late, but you I know I gotta share the arts with you all! P.A.C. (Popular Art Culture) was a showcase of Tupac-inspired artworks. It coincided with his forty-sixth birthday and the release of All Eyez on Me. Did anyone see it? Thoughts? Are you a Tupac fan? I’m a fan, not hardcore, but he jams. I have a few t-shirts. I had a few of his albums back when, before my old laptop got stolen. And I grew up listening to his music so I can rap along with a few bars.

Now, as an adult, I realize he was a strong, necessary force in music. I understand why the powers that be viewed him as a threat that needed handling. His songs transcended color lines and age brackets and I truly believe his voice had enough impact to bring people together and cut the strings from the puppet masters. Or at least awaken the masses + make us think. Tupac was just a good balance of intelligence, “wokeness”, sex appeal, intimidation and street smarts. Although he never reached his peak, he definitely left his mark.

I always enjoy witnessing how one subject can produce a myriad of interpretations. A few artists ventured outside of commonplace paints and pen and utilized broken records and even a repurposed a thin brick options board to birth their vision. The P.A.C. Show illustrated the many facets of Tupac Shakur- from intellect to Bishop the bully to the king and every man in between.

I loved every piece at The P.A.C. Show, but KD’s dope earrings were all I could afford. For now!

Check out the artist lineup (captioned) and search the hashtag #allartonme on Instagram to see more of their work and support! (I’m sure I’ll update this post with all of their url’s, but not today.)

As always, thanks or tuning in.
long live Pac ❤



  1. Silksache't · 12 Days Ago

    gasppppppppp i would have loved to go there..i would have got a couple of earrings myself, they are super cute. i have always love Pac, so intelligent yet so hood…that man was sexy as hell

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    • TheWarner · 12 Days Ago

      Pac is responsible for one of the greatest diss tracks ever. I don’t think I’ve heard a diss track go as hard as Hit ’em Up. No Vasoline comes in second.

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    • kelley · 12 Days Ago

      Right! A great balance.

      And yessss, those eyes and that smile 😍

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      • Silksache't · 12 Days Ago

        and dont forget the lashes honey, i used to be all up in his damn face, them lashes were beautiful…lol

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        • kelley · 12 Days Ago

          Riiiiiiight! My GRANDMA used to always say how handsome he was and how pretty his eyes were. Grandma.

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  2. TheWarner · 12 Days Ago

    Definitely a Pac fan. Was never a Biggie fan, because I felt he rapped to much about his wardrobe and sex 😌, but I loved Pac because he always seemed to have something profound to say. His music was more than a nice beat, he had great lyrics, and you could UNDERSTAND what he was saying…unlike a lot of these mumble rappers today. I remember my classmates on the floors of my schools hallway crying their eyes out when he was killed. I’m not the type to cry over people I don’t know unless it’s a child who has been harmed, but I was upset.

    I didn’t go see the movie because Benny Boom is a garbage director, so I had no doubts him and the writer[s] were going to ruin the biopic. SMH.

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    • kelley · 12 Days Ago

      Riiiight. Pac is definitely a legend, such soul and wisdom to be so young. And you could understand him, rock with him, dance with him and comprehend the story he was telling. I was upset by his death too, but I guess I kind of expected it? It wasn’t a surprise I should say. I wasn’t as aware as I am now, but if I was at the time, I would have realized why he was killed. Not because of his thug life philosophy but the power in his words.

      I feel like the movie wouldn’t be done well either! And I still have no desire to see it. Thanks for your feedback!

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  3. Silksache't · 12 Days Ago

    I never really cared for biggie either, i never got what the hype was about. and you are right, the reason i liked pac too was because he had something profound to say. He can hit you with some black panther stuff then turn around and hit you with some hood stuff. and i have not heard good things about this movie so i chose not to go see it. my thing was if Jada Pinkett ain’t like it and she was very close to him then i was like nah it wasn’t good..

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  4. Original-Dante · 12 Days Ago

    This man was on a different level of consciousness. Lovely pictures btw 🙂

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  5. SDC · 12 Days Ago

    Nice! I always seem to work Tupac in somewhere but not like this, lol. He was a big part of my teenage years. Thanks for sharing.

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    • kelley · 12 Days Ago

      Of course! He’s still inspiring artists decades later; that says a lot.

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  6. hunglikejesus · 12 Days Ago


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  7. C. C. Saunders · 11 Days Ago

    ::clutches pearls::

    Beautiful artwork! Great post Kelley, this is truly amazing work.

    Pac had such a resounding effect on so many black men. It really shows in the artwork.

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    • kelley · 10 Days Ago

      Definitely! And there were mostly Black men in attendance.


  8. K E Garland · 11 Days Ago

    My whole family is a fan. We each have our fav song and went to see that whack a$$ movie together lol I digress. Would love to see this exhibit. Is it still running?

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    • kelley · 10 Days Ago

      Ruh oh, someone’s upset! I mean I would be too; even if someone else is paying, it’s still a waste of my life if the movie is bad!

      I’m not sure if it’s still up, but I’ll get back to you 😉

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      • K E Garland · 9 Days Ago

        Girl…pure foolishness. I didn’t hear about Jada’s tweets or all the other controversy until after I watched, but I was thoroughly disappointed.

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  9. elvagreen123 · 11 Days Ago

    “Huggin’ on my mama from a jail cell”. Spoke volumes to me. I never had a son in jail, but brothers and grandson. But I know it’s not just about being in jail. As we used to say “it’s really deep”. I’m a bit older on here in years but I loved me some “Biggie”, too. Thanks for the Tupac pictures, I love the black and white sketch.

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    • kelley · 10 Days Ago

      Pac’s music resonated with a lot of people. He’ll live forever.

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  10. I.Am.Tash. · 9 Days Ago

    This is dope. I got my Tupac earrings too. I wasn’t a hardcore fan either, but i did like his vibe. Some people say he was a complex human being. I say he was just REAL and very unapologetic with it. I find that when people see individuals being their true selves and standing in their truth with ZERO apologies, they are often labeled as being “complex”. Anyhoooo..i digress…a little. Thank you for sharing, Kellz.

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    • kelley · 9 Days Ago

      Complex, angry, ill-mannered, stubborn-anything to get you to disapprove of their being. America is funny in that sense; they want you to be yourself, but within their allotted parameters.

      Thanks for the spot-on comment! I agree completely.

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  11. Sarah Light · 3 Days Ago

    He was definitely a smart young one.

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