I want to think that God smiles when a Black woman is brave enough to love herself.

Upile Chisala




  1. Peace Kathure · May 26

    🙂 🙂

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  2. dancingpalmtrees · May 26

    Yes. She does. The Goddess still reigns and rules from within and outside.

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  3. thiscagedbird · May 26

    This is so simple and sweet and POWERFUL.

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  4. trE · May 26

    Every single time.

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  5. Liz · May 26

    I know I smile every time a see a Wonderwoman, spirit nods at me and says, “Yes she is one of your own.” Yes, I believe God smiles, laughs, and shakes His head.

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  6. Original-Dante · May 27

    She wears her crown proudly 🙂

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  7. iampurelyhumble · May 27

    Yes he does, IT Is very rare in today’s society, but with the right guidance and upbringing it can become our new norm! (I am a new blogger, please follow me.) 🤗

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    • kelley · May 28


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    • kelley · May 28

      I tried to view your blog, but it says it’s no longer available ☚ī¸

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      • iampurelyhumble · May 28

        Weird….try this link…


  8. ArtofA16 · 29 Days Ago

    Yasssssss Yasssssss Yasssssss This is great I really enjoyed reading this #Amazing
    Check me out when you get a chance

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    • kelley · 29 Days Ago

      Glad to hear it! And I will 😉


  9. Kushite Prince · 24 Days Ago

    Wow! What a lovely woman! ❤

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