hip-hop en pointe

We are truly some magical beings.



  1. swo8 · May 1

    That is really neat Kelley. I love the dance form.

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  2. ShelbyCourtland · May 1

    Well, that does it for me, one of the dancers said at the end, “If you’ve got rhythm, you can dance hiplet.” There goes my claim to fame. I got no rhythm whatsoever. I wonder would they consider someone who once excelled at square dancing and it could be called, ‘squarelet’. LOL!

    This was awesome! They are so extremely talented and I am glad they found someone who took them seriously enough to enable them to let their talent shine!

    Thanks for sharing this Kelley!

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  3. Paul · May 2

    In fact ballet, classical style, has always used other styles whenever it suited its purpose. So how great it is to see Hiplet, a true dance style that uses ballet? It’s a brilliant idea. Great post Kelly. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Tikeetha T · May 3

    Hiplet. Very cool. I would definitely see a show in person.

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  5. trE · May 4

    Gawd, I love us!!! Thank you for sharing this.

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  6. e · May 12

    Reblogged this on authenticitee speaks and commented:

    AYE!!!!!! This is RICH!!! Thanks Kelley!!

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