week 15|2017


I’m in love with self-seeking;
Constantly looking
for ways to discover
the depths of me.
I’m addicted
to my own energy.
It is my innate source of light;
my connection with the Most.
I learned through my trials,
that I am my savior;
my pick-me-up.
And that is a beautiful responsibility.
© (d.d.l)

(photo stolen from the internet)



  1. nshami14 · April 12


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  2. eddaz · April 12

    Great words. I love it..

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  3. Des · April 13

    Continue self-seeking! It’s an amazing experience. Love this piece

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  4. e · April 18

    Yeah….on e v e r y level….

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  5. Tikeetha T · April 18

    Love this

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  6. nosyjosie · April 19

    This piece and mentality is incredibly sexy. ❤️

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  7. 25, Black, and Alive · April 19

    People that have a good sense of self, seem to be called arrogant by people who don’t. As I am told.

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  8. Kushite Prince · April 22

    That was really beautiful! 😉

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  9. Gravity · 13 Days Ago

    Self love is the best kind…

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