Scars are Diamonds (a reblog)

Due to a chemotherapy procedure I ended up with a nickel sized scar near my right shoulder blade, whenever I would go out I’d cover it with makeup and thought to myself “one day I’ll save enough money to fix it surgically”. Months later I had a hip replacement and a muscle flap and 4 […]

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  1. Visionariekind · March 23

    wow very powerful and speaks volumes of life thank you for sharing it

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  2. nosyjosie · April 4

    I remember struggling with my collar bone lump for a while after my car accident. I don’t know what hurt more at the time – the questions I got about it, knowing that I couldn’t rock a halter the same, or the pain that came with the memory of who gave it to me. But one day, I got over it. Just like I got over the memory. Hmm…I think this just prompted me to write a journal entry lol

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  4. tunisiajolyn84 · April 9

    Love this so much! Thanks for sharing.

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