week 10|2017: love without attachment [a repost]

Non attachment love is not about not being connected or not loving each other fully and to the core. For me it’s actually the opposite, it’s knowing that nothing lasts forever and treating that love as if it was the last day. It’s expressing that love everyday, it’s taking nothing for granted. It’s not getting […]

via Love with no attachment.. Is this the best type of love one could wish for? — Breathe Think Write Release



  1. K E Garland · 21 Days Ago

    This is very true. My husband and I try to function with this in mind, he more so than I. People think it’s crazy, but ultimately, all you have is the present moment any way. Thanks for sharing this Kelley.

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  2. Liz · 16 Days Ago

    Love without attachment wouldn’t be a goal for me love and connectedness are hand and glove. It’s the feeling of connection that leaves one open to love. Quirks and all are forgiven; the tie provides empathy.

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    • kelley · 15 Days Ago

      Thanks for your honest feedback, Liz. I know it can work for people and things, but I don’t know about people + people.

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      • Liz · 15 Days Ago

        From birth we thrive on connection. Even those who don’t like fairytales, live for the happy ending.

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