To Be Black and Woman and Alive

My very existence is defiance.



  1. Pinkspen · February 24

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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  3. Laurice Reed · February 24

    Reblogged this on somethin20s.

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  5. Silksache't · February 24

    goosebumps…i felt every bit of this

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  6. Sarahn Says · February 24

    Beloved. Deep. Rooted.

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  7. ShelbyCourtland · February 24

    Powerful! Powerful! Powerful!TRUTH!!!! I gotta listen to this again!!! Thank you Kelley, for this!!!

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  8. trE · February 24


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  9. K E Garland · February 27


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  10. Tikeetha T · February 27

    I’d seen this before. So good.

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  11. Kushite Prince · February 27

    Wow! Powerful words!

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  12. Darryl Walker Jr · March 1

    That was fire! Thanks for sharing!

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  13. JSLEFLORE · March 1

    Im getting around to checking out some post, and this is phenomenal I love it. Thanks for sharing. I need to reblog this actually

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  14. JSLEFLORE · March 1

    Reblogged this on Behind The Eyes and commented:

    A great piece. It hurts to hear it, but we need to acknowledge the feelings of our beautiful black women in all their glory. They have done so for us

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  15. Anna Waldherr · March 6


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  16. nosyjosie · April 4

    “to be woman and black means to be the first and last to love yourself. Is to know you’re not desirable to your own kind. I grew up learning how to protect men who hate me. Learned how to be the silencer to their pistol. Learned how to be the revolution spit-shining THEIR spines.” – COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ON

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