Black is GOLD

Did you peep the lyrics tho??! More more more of this, please!

Wale, me love you long time!



  1. nshami14 · January 10

    “My affinity is infinity and I wish you everything that give you better energy.” Love Wale’s poetry! This gonna be my Tuesday work morning jam! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    • kelley · January 10

      Ugh I love it. He’s always been poetic, no?


  2. K E Garland · January 10

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  3. myyalia · January 11


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  4. Lady G · January 13


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  5. Kushite Prince · January 16

    Yeah this has a nice flow to it. Do you remember the video he did with nothing but non-black women? I can’t remember the name of it. I hated that video! That was a coon move by Wale. But this was a step in the right direction. He needs to do about 5 or 6 more videos like this to get back in my good

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    • kelley · January 16

      lol right! I think it was a song where he was featured or had another guy on there with him? I know what you’re talking about, just can’t remember the title. Couldn’t even watch the whole thing! I was highly disturbed. And confused! Those memories are hard to shake. He has been doing his thing featuring Black women for a minute so I hope he stays on ’cause we need images and songs like this!

      a throwback love rap + video I love by him:

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  6. tunisiajolyn84 · January 17

    First time seeing this. Love it!

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  7. Tikeetha T · January 18

    Love this. This is so empowering. I had never heard it. Celebrate the awesomeness that is our sisters! Yes!

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  8. nosyjosie · January 19

    I bought the sweater you see in the video! That came from the hgc apparel site I sent you. I’ll be modeling it in a future post lol


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