Appetite For Change

Believe it or not, the youth is listening. This gives me hope! And it jams!

Appetite For Change | Breaking Bread Foods





  1. myyalia · January 7

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Dshidon · January 7

    I’m with it but they somewhat confused me talking about drinking milk and water out the faucet…😮

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  3. elvagreen123 · January 7

    I love this!! Another way we do not have to give in to “the system”. We can grow our own food! I just watched a video my niece posted with a young man explaining why Blacks cannot get ahead (it’s “the system.) This video you posted can help to negate that notion. Can I please share this on my blog and on my FB page?

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    • kelley · January 9

      Yes! Please do

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    • kelley · January 9

      And of course we’ll never win in a system that was created with a design for us to fail. We have to take power into our own hands.

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      • nosyjosie · January 18

        Aw I love it! I get so excited when good things trend in our community. I notice that healthy eating / lifestyles has been a major focus in the black community over the past couple of years. Its so encouraging 😀

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  4. Kushite Prince · January 9

    Reblogged this on Holistic Mind and Body and commented:
    This is great! This is a good message for our children. It’s important to get out a message about healthy eating choices and growing our food. We did it in the past…we can do it again.

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  5. Kushite Prince · January 9

    There is hope for the children! Catchy song and great lyrics! Thanks Kelley!

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  6. Egypt English · January 10

    Kelleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Yes…urgh I’m queen of the waterworks, smh eyes were tearing half way through. Lolz, I loved–indeed there is always hope, we just have to seek it. Thank you soooo much for sharing this Queen. ♥

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    • kelley · January 10

      There is always hope. Always!

      You are SO welcome, Egypt. I’m glad you took something from it.

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  7. Lady G · January 10

    I love this!
    I could kick myself for not finding you sooner🙏🏾

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  8. Darryl Walker Jr · January 11

    Ahhhh I love this! Whenever we hear about black folks in the kitchen, it’s about us making drugs, right? You’ve heard that song “look at da flicka da wrist” … Smh … I love how they appropriating that same hand gesture and gave it a positive meaning! Good stuff!

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    • kelley · January 11

      haha yes! We’re getting aprons made with that line and a whisk graphic. #trappin

      Sidenote, have you heard of The Trap Kitchen? They don’t sell the healthiest food, but it’s just proof that your world changes when you change your thinking.

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      • kelley · January 11

        AND when you change your environment

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      • Darryl Walker Jr · January 11

        I haven’t heard, but I just checked it out! Wow, this is beautiful! Doing what they can with what they got! Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!

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        • kelley · January 12

          Of course! I just think of how the system sets us up to fail again after we’ve done our time. It’s harder to get a job that can actually change your situation, so I commend these brothers for taking control of their destiny. There’s always a way out.

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  9. elvagreen123 · January 11

    Reblogged this on pininthetush.

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  10. 25, Black, and Alive · January 16

    This put a smile on my face! Thank you Kelley!!!

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