gentle reminder for my sisters

I know it might be cold.. your bed might be lonely. You may even have a full roster of gentleman callers to temporarily fill that void + make you forget. But, please. Take a beat. Remember

you are a queen.

Don’t let no man half love you.


P.S. I forgot where I read the last part but the first two lines are all me. I hate to see queens that truly desire ardent monogamy settle for part-time affection when a worthy king is somewhere preparing himself for the full-time duty of reminding you why it never worked out with the others.



  1. shereenabadu · December 2

    Amen, no point auditioning for part time lovers. Sorry to say it’s a waste of a woman’s time. God’s timing is the best, once we become still and patient that’s when we receive God’s favor at the right time. What’s yours won’t leave you to someone else. Thanks for your reminder today this cold ain’t easy lol

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    • kelley · December 2

      Exactly Shereena! Thanks so much for tuning in! Stay warm πŸ˜‰


  2. nosyjosie · December 2

    this is what I call perfect timing! The scenarios you painted are all so relevant for me right now and I have been very tempted lol. But I stayed strong! No half stepping with love!!

    ps- saw this and thought you would like it because it takes place in south Africa πŸ˜€


    • kelley · December 2

      Good! And PLEASE don’t deny your big heart the love it deserves!

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  3. nosyjosie · December 2
  4. trE · December 2

    “Don’t let no man half love you.”

    Whoever came up with this, I need to hug them in person. Tightly.

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  5. Darryl Walker Jr · December 3

    This is cool! I really like this! We should never settle for part time affection if we desire full time love. The last line of this is absolute FIRE! Brilliantly stated! =D

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    • kelley · December 3

      Thank you.

      I have mostly women friends, so I KNOW they know who they’re dealing with, yet break their own hearts by trying to make shituationships and men more than what they are!

      If a man tells you, verbally or with his actions, that he is not serious and you want serious, leave him alone! We make it harder than it is.

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      • Darryl Walker Jr · December 3

        lol @ shituaionships

        true story … if a man wasn’t shit when you met him, there is no way in hell a woman can suddenly “save” him =/

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        • kelley · December 3

          Thank you! I spelled shituationships wrong [it’s a real word], but you get it! I mean he said he didn’t want kids so why are you upset that he’s not happy you’re pregnant? Just silly, really. There are too many fish for these games! Or.. maybe I’m just old.

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  6. elvagreen123 · December 4

    Good advice!

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  7. Tysheira D. · December 5

    This was amazingly put!!!

    Leave Inspired,
    Tysheira D.

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  8. Tikeetha T · December 16

    So true. Sharing this.

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  9. Tareau Barron · December 17

    I’m sorry I didn’t read this post early but this is great

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