Support Black Businesses This Holiday Season [a reblog]

For my Black family, if you must shop this holiday season, please seek out Black, small, local businesses to patronize. We need to support one another more than ever.

When will we stop this insanity? Black Family, I’ve been stressing this fact for over 3 years incessantly. In order for our people to survive this New World Order, we must build for ourselves by ourselves. All other races do it. In fact, they have seminars on how to exploit the black dollar, how to […]

via Support Black Businesses This Holiday Season — diaryofanegress



  1. soulanceblog · November 29

    Love this post and your content. I will be sure to follow 🙂

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  2. nshami14 · January 10

    Some time ago, I set an intention to buy black whenever possible, especially during the holidays. Sometimes it’s work to find the merchants/products/venues, but just makes so much sense to me to help build wealth in “the community”. This year, doing bi-monthly boxes.

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    • kelley · January 10

      That’s true! Sometimes, especially when shopping online, you don’t know if it’s Black owned because they don’t show their face …or hands lol. And thank you for sharing the link; I’ve never heard of this box. Such a great idea.


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