“I Have My Anger Back” | Jendella Benson — Media Diversified

To My Son by Jendella Benson What is there to be said? I can only feel anger for so long until it ferments into the cold reality of endless despair. In the echo chambers of our social media spheres we are all shouting, all screaming, all crying the same thing. The hopelessness of such a […]

via “I Have My Anger Back” | Jendella Benson — Media Diversified



  1. K E Garland · November 12

    This is powerful. This is part of what we all need to get back, anger, or at least some emotion. American apathy is thick.

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  2. theyenzyradical · December 4

    This is so painfully true.She said the words I had wanted to say but could not phrase.How humanity can resist such heart wrenching cries shows the state of the world.The powerful keeps on using the powerless as foot mats.But something must be done.She is right,ev

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  3. theyenzyradical · December 4

    Her words are powerful yet painful.She says the glaring bitter truth.Words i wanted to form but could not phrase.Apathy must be avoided because it is easy to get numb by incessant cruel pain.Anger at least is a start to something great here.Only someone deluded would not be angry.

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