mom of the year

moonlight, magic and macabre



  1. Kushite Prince · October 16

    Wow! This was something else! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a poem about having a period. That was a But it was powerful nonetheless.

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  2. hitandrun1964 · October 16

    Fantastic! Standing ovation and wild applause.

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  3. Sue J · October 17

    I laughed. I clapped my hands in proud agreement. And then I shed many tears, releasing a lifetime of hidden shame and pain. (This last part I didn’t expect. Such is the power of words, the power of a gifted orator, the power of truth. We are all sisters. Amen.) I LOVED THIS and am still shaking and buzzing in the afterglow. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

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    • kelley · October 17

      Thank you for your testimony, Sue! So glad it resonated with you.

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      • Sue J · October 17

        Yes m’am. And then some!


  4. Kushite Prince · October 17

    Kushite Kingdom Awards…….coming soon.

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  5. nosyjosie · November 6

    okay okay!!!!!! YASSSSSS! I’m READY for my period now lmbo Where you at?!

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