Our Voices. Our Lives.-WOMAN

For much too long, we have been silenced. Shown and told how to feel. How to be. What to think. Ofttimes by people who don’t have our best interest in mind, who don’t even know us. Who would probably kill themselves attempting to walk in our shoes for an hour. But, for some odd reason, we always let them. Cause a stir when they do mock, devalue and cloak us with negative stereotypes …yet beg the same vultures for equality and a listening ear.


We have voices. Quippy, strong, passionate, intelligent, inspiring, hopeful voices that deserve to be heard. And for US, no one else.

I’m always proud to see US openly + candidly telling OUR stories. We need more spaces like this.



  1. 25 Black and Alive · October 10

    “yet beg the same vultures for equality and a listening ear.



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  2. Tikeetha T · October 11

    I love how she said that she hopes that black women can get free. It is so many great points in this video. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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    • kelley · October 12

      Right! So simple yet so powerful.

      Thanks for tuning in, Tikeetha.

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  3. nosyjosie · October 12

    Black men standing up for black women. YES…this is what I want to see more of. These women would be awesome to have tea time with lol

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  4. Marquita H. · October 14

    Reblogged this on Women of God and Grace Empowerment.

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