In My Skin

I admit that I love seeing my sisters seemingly bare-faced/with no makeup. Natural. I don’t care if they have acne, acne scars, blemishes or bumps. But, from the outside looking in, it’s so easy and instinctual to judge based on appearance alone. I often think

she doesn’t need all that makeup

she’s doing too much 

or I bet she’s prettier without it

-never a thought of what she sees when she wakes up and looks in the mirror. Never a thought of how ugly she may think she is without a full face. Never a thought of how her confidence might zoom from 0 to 100 after she applies what she deems necessary. Never a thought that she could never even go as far as her mailbox without makeup in fear of being judged. Never a thought that if she did show her natural beauty, people would only see her “flaws.”

Until now.

Sure, some ladies do overdo it, but many are just trying to look and feel their best to get through another day.

Her testimony was very sobering indeed.

Social Criminal Defense Attorneys [a reblog]

There are several things I loathe about Facebook. Firstly, that it has become an alternate form of reality, where people can craft and control their public perception in contradiction of their truth selves. The time people spend contriving their facade via Facebook is akin to the time politicians spend campaigning to convince us to vote for them. Have you […]

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Stop watching Iyanla and watch this:

I mean we all know why these conversations go unheard, right? Why homosexuality and interracial dating, marriage and procreation are being perpetuated as a trend/the new norm. Any Black person who doesn’t know, love nor appreciate who they are – regardless of age – will fall victim to the psychological warfare being waged on Black love and togetherness in the media. If you soak up enough images and statements telling you that you and people who favor you are ugly, dumb, undesirable, ghetto, only good for one thing and unworthy of love, you just might start believing that shit! And throw in your male counterparts echoing those sentiments, you may never recover to even be open to any positive, worthwhile partners or friendships.

But these conversations are happening. These men are real. These thoughts do exist within the minds of many Black men.

Thanks for sharing this video, KP! As I mentioned, it had a pornographic influence on me. It is just so damn refreshing to hear my Black brothers speak of us in such high regard! I love the honesty and knowledge they share!

More of this, please.