Black Friday | MangoBeat


MangoBeat® is a natural amplifier for your smartphone, made with just leather and decoratively carved mango wood. The size makes it easy to pack for a beach day or party at the park while the look adds style to any space. I know I sound like a commercial, but this is how I really feel! I am not one to listen to music on a phone; I guess I’m old school as I prefer actual stereos for that. But I can see the convenience since I always have my phone on me and stereos don’t fit too well into a tote. These fancy MangoBeat amps might bring me into 2016. Key word: might.


This is a great gift to self or a loved one, and they’re inexpensive! #treatyoself

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  1. Resa · September 24

    Thanks for the tip! I hate listening to music with earbuds or headphones. I love to be immersed in it, or hear it in the air.

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  2. tunisiajolyn84 · September 28

    These look dope! This would be great when I’m reluctantly cleaning my room. lol The music may motivate to clean a little bit more happily.

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  3. nosyjosie · October 1

    We should all pitch in and buy me one lol

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    • kelley · October 1

      LOL suuuuure!

      Crazy I met the creator at a festival today! He wasn’t selling the small version though, or else I would have gotten you one 😉

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