week 36 || 2016: racism is no compliment

From the collection: How it Feels to be African and American

via Racism is No Compliment — Joy Josephs



  1. Will S. · September 7

    Wow. Very poignant.

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  2. Anonymous · September 7

    My heart is warmed in share, thank you❤️

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    • kelley · September 8

      I’m happy to hear that. You’re so welcome!

      Thanks for tuning in 😉


  3. hitandrun1964 · September 8

    I don’t understand why people say things like that. A friend said people always tell her she’s not ‘like other Jews.’ What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not like other women, other feminists, other anything. Are they saying we aren’t like the stereotypes of EVERYTHING they make up in their own minds?

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    • kelley · September 8

      It’s amazing the thoughts people conjure up + have to nerve to speak out loud. It’s pretty disgusting.


      • hitandrun1964 · September 8

        I agree. I don’t even know how to think that way, so it’s hard to understand when I hear people say so many weird and disgusting things. I’m glad you brought this up because it happens so often.

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  4. Silksache't · September 8

    it sure the hell is not a compliment. And the very sad part about it is, they dont see that because ignorance is as bliss as the sun is yellow…smdh

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  5. nosyjosie · September 10

    I love this. I feel like I see people battle this attitude at work constantly. I hate it everytime I hear it.

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  6. Daal · September 12

    My husband is from Iran – when we first married, people would tell me, “He’s so nice! Especially because you know how Iranian men are!” The hardest thing is decided whether to reply, & if so, what to say.

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    • kelley · September 12

      I would say “how, exactly, ARE Iranian men?” and shut them the hell up. People are so disgusting.

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      • Daal · September 13

        Perfect! People are disgusting, but judging by your clever reply, the good ones are reeeaaally good 🙂

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  7. moepayne1993 · September 13

    Growing up in a predominately white neighborhood, I talk very proper. One day I was at school (college) & this Mexican guy says “what are you mixed with?” I said “Nothing. I’m black” he was so shocked & he took a minute to collect himself because apparently this blew his mind & he said “Wow. You’re not like..” & he points to a black woman on the phone yelling in the hallway.. Kinda wanted to punch him in his face. Thank you for this post.

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    • kelley · September 13

      ugghhh! What a loser. It really sickens me how people have such an incredible amount of nerve to voice their small-minded opinions.


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