week 35 || 2016

Life Regrets Before Death

In essence, we’re all dying, right? So I think we should be giving our best shot at living fully, with purpose. A life entirely opposite of what may result in regret.




  1. swo8 · August 31

    Good advice to heed – NOW.

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  2. nosyjosie · August 31

    Wow. This was eye-opening. Its interesting how much in common we all have – working too hard and wishing for happiness. Thank you for sharing! I hope I remember to use this for my Support “Reglog” Sunday post next week!

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  3. nidotopianwarrior · August 31

    Never let anyone bully you into doing something that is against your well being. Yes work, but live slso

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    • kelley · September 1

      Yes! Find and maintain that balance.


  4. nosyjosie · August 31

    Oh! I don’t know where else to post this for you but I read it and thought you would like this quick read. It was so you lol


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    • kelley · September 1

      I understand that there is + always has been a patriarchal rule in the white community. This ad sadly perpetuates that, but she’s fortunate that that is the biggest of her worries for her daughter[s] right now.

      Thanks for sharing!

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      • nosyjosie · September 2

        Woo! If that ain’t the truth. Our daughters have an entire different set of worries on their hands. ❤

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