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article by Erickka Sy Savane via You’ve been thinking about starting a business and every time you come close to doing it your mind hits the brakes. If that’s you, keep reading and you’ll think again about hesitating. Take Nneka, a 27-year-old single mom fresh out of the military for example. She recently launched Innovative Supplies, a line of Black-themed […]

via Take Nneka, a 27 Year-Old Single Mom and Veteran, Creates Line of Black-Themed School Supplies — GOOD BLACK NEWS



  1. themelanatedman · August 8

    I read about that earlier this morning. Very inspiring!

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  2. Silksache't · August 8


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  3. Zulu Obanor · August 14

    A gazillion and more thumbs up to this! 👍🏾

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  4. tunisiajolyn84 · August 24

    I saw this on Facebook. So dope!

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