week 35 || 2016

Life Regrets Before Death

In essence, we’re all dying, right? So I think we should be giving our best shot at living fully, with purpose. A life entirely opposite of what may result in regret.


Brown Skin

Back in 2014, I asked a Jamaican friend of mine to give me a list of his favorite reggae artists and Richie Spice was on it. I made a point to listen to some tracks, but I’m just now seeing the visuals + I had to share.

I just love his love for Black women.

When They Ruin the Ruins [a reblog]

Slave burial grounds and cemeteries continue to be vandalized and disrespected on a regular basis in the South. Ten years a slave times 15 at least a piece of history that never seems to ever find its peace severed under ground that’s leased To the highest bidder Can you tell that I am bitterbecause we’ve […]

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week 34 || 2016

The desire to understand yourself should take priority over your desire to be understood by others. -Spiritual Poet

John Carlos [a reblog]

John Carlos (1945- ), a Black American runner, won the bronze medal for the 200m dash at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. It was he and gold-medal winner Tommie Smith who held up their black-gloved fists in a Black Power salute as the US national anthem played. That was Plan C. Plan A was a […]

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our skin


they are afraid

of our brown,

of our light

the mosaic of the earth

that is our skin.

they are afraid

because next to us,

they know

how foreign feels.

– Pavana पवन

photo: M.Anderson

Innclusive: an Alternative to Airbnb


If you’re Black and love to travel, peep this interview with one of the founders of Innclusive, a brand new b+b booking site created with Black travelers and travelers of color in mind.

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