week 30 || 2016


I spied this chart on my instagram feed and thought I’d share because I like that it’s all-encompassing,  yet super simple. My favorite points are win win resolutions and asking, not expecting. Healthy relationships blossom from mutual respect. Too often our ego and pride get in the way when all we need is a conversation, active listening ears and a little humility to make things right in the world again.

Read + apply. Then read again. These simple actions can change e v e r y t h i n g.

Why do we make things so complicated?



  1. 365daysofkindness · July 27

    Tis human nature to over complicate. Great visual reminder!

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  2. Silksache't · July 27

    yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss pride and the egos are the mains reason relationships can start to dwindle away…its a sad state of affairs..smdh

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  3. nosyjosie · August 10

    Well if THIS isn’t a visual aid from heaven. Please allow me to steal and share on my own IG. You know how big I am on communication – I feel it is the missing ingredient from many dysfunctional and suffering friendships and relationships. In harmony with my recent blog article – I’m going to say SAFETY is the one that stands out to me the most on the chart. Without a safe zone in our relationships, communication is always at risk.

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    • kelley · August 10

      So true! We need to get out of our own way and speak on what we need.

      I completely agree with everything you said, especially that last statement! If you’re scared to speak on your needs, you’ll always be at risk. Period. You will always be unfulfilled. Basically a super slow death.

      As always, thanks for your honest feedback.

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  4. Shawna · August 29

    I love this post! Think I’ll share it. Have to say, asking not expecting is one of my favorites, too!

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