Black Art Matters: Me


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been in the blogosphere for a little over four years now. But it wasn’t until I really started to share my authentic self that I gained more awesome, engaging readers like you AND these cool blogging awards and recognition. Again, thanks so much! I am humbled and reassured of my presence.

My art got published in a magazine last year[what?!] and now I’m featured on, a beautiful site  dedicated to uniting and uplifting Black men + women. It is an honor to be recognized by my peers that are doing what they can to spread love, create safe places for us to express ourselves, uplift one another and end the [online] gender war.

I appreciate every blogger and vlogger, writer and artists of all sorts that are actively doing their part to tell our stories. And I thank Akilah at Truuth Be Told for reaching out to me for this feature.

You can view more of my artwork + purchase on my site and Etsy shop.

Thank you ❤




  1. Silksache't · July 22

    amazing twin…so happy for you 🙂

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  2. Silksache't · July 22

    will be making a purchase soon…I like aesha, and makaela

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  3. themelanatedman · July 23

    Quick question…do you sell your original copies of art or copied versions? Just curious…

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    • kelley · July 23

      I sell both. All the items on my site are prints. There are some originals available in my Etsy shop though.

      Thanks for asking 😉

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      • themelanatedman · July 24

        Ok. Giving me some ideas. Thank you much.

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  4. K E Garland · July 25

    Congratulations kelley! Sharing your Etsy site on FB.

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  5. Tashira · July 27

    I’m in love with your work! Congrats sis!

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  6. 25 Black and Alive · July 29

    You should have a sidebar or in the header of this site the link to you art.

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  7. nosyjosie · July 31

    Congratulations !! You are dripping of black girl magic 😘

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  8. Spiritchi · September 17

    This is so beautiful, i love your work Kelley!! Thanks for sharing!!

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