The Grand Nidotopian Afro-Power Awards

I’m always humbled when my efforts are recognized by my peers. And to be amongst so many greats??! Wow. THANK YOU!

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Shalom and a pleasant welcome to one and all to the first ever Grand Nidotopian Afro-power Awards. As I said in my proclamation, this event is not a competition but a moment to recognize and appreciate all the hard work that you in the Afro-centric blogosphere put in everyday to raise consciousness whether socially, spiritually, economically, artistically or any other form you choose  in the African family home and abroad. Also if you were not selected for an award, it doesn’t mean that I don’t value you or your work. Another note, this event will be an ongoing one and will continue throughout the year at various intervals. Today will be marked as the summer edition of the Awards and the Autumn or fall edition will be in either late September or early October. So that means if you did not get an award now, there will be plenty of…

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  1. swo8 · July 16

    It is well deserved, Kelley. You have raised my consciousness and I thank you for that.

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  2. K E Garland · July 16

    Congrats luv! I love the name of the award.

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    • K E Garland · July 16

      …never mind. I see you aren’t receiving an award lol Still, I love the name of it and how she has those digital plaques.


      • K E Garland · July 16

        This is my last comment. I went back and looked again. I see it’s the last one. Good grief! I’m back to saying congrats luv! Think I was thrown off cause it’s a mix of your blog name and name. You absolutely deserve it.

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        • kelley · July 16

          haha right! I’d print it out if my name and blog were spelled correctly.. but I love the love behind it. Being recognized by him and viewers like you is an honor!

          Thanks again!

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    • kelley · July 16

      Me too! Thank you so much.

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  3. ShelbyCourtland · July 16

    Kelley, congratulations! I am in excellent company with regards to all who were so honored!

    I could get all mushy, but I won’t and so I’ll just simply add, “Keep ’em coming!”

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  4. Kushite Prince · July 19

    It was a well deserved award. To a very beautiful woman. 🙂

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