Museday: Vaginas

This past weekend, I attended a yoni-themed art show, These Walls Talk, hosted by the aesthetician homie Kim of VaVaVoom at Paragon7 in Atlanta. By now, you know I thoroughly enjoy the visual arts, so I had to share some highlights with you all. And apologies in advance for not catching every artist’s name.

Some creators took this theme to heart, being very literal with their interpretations while others displayed more of an abstract or fantasy feel. That is one thing I’ve always loved about art: you can tell 100 people to draw a certain something and you will no doubt get a hundred unique responses.


artist: Symf

And you know I love to witness Black people come together to build and share and discover and love in such a meaningful way. Real art is often overlooked and pretty much disregarded and watered down by mainstream media. But it’s important. Vaginas are important. And it’s important to keep expressing and sharing and being around those who make it their duty to glorify authentic artistry.

a few artists to follow, stalk and patronize:

Courtney Brooks

artbeets | Cake | Zipporah Joel

King Summer



  1. swo8 · March 29, 2016

    It’s all art, long live art!

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  2. 1EarthUnited · March 29, 2016

    That’s what i love most about Atlanta art shows, fresh, creative, bold, beautiful… always relevant.

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    • kelley · April 1, 2016

      I haven’t been disappointed yet.


  3. nosyjosie · March 31, 2016

    These are so awesome! I’ve never been to an art show like this before and I just learned the word Yoni this year, so I’m really excited about this post lol.

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    • kelley · March 31, 2016

      I’d never attended one like it either. It was definitely special.

      And doesn’t yoni sound so much more appealing than vagina or that P word??!

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  4. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 · April 2, 2016

    Beautiful, This is very powerful imagery! I would have loved to been there and speak with these very talented brothas and sistas.

    “But it’s important. Vaginas are important.”

    YAAAS! This is very true, especially the Black Vagina, which has been used, abused, exploited, discarded, etc waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times through the last five centuries.

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  5. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 · April 2, 2016

    Reblogged this on Fighting Misogynoir and commented:
    YAAAS! Beautiful!

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  6. afetish · April 5, 2016

    I enjoyed those exhibits on your blog.
    I’ve always wanted to attend a gallery focus on the Art of the Human Body in its natural form.
    How long will that exhibit be available and where is it.

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    • kelley · April 5, 2016

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.

      It was at Paragon7 Gallery in Atlanta which I mentioned in the post. It was just for the night, but the photography version is coming in August. You can follow Paragon7atl on social media for the latest happenings.


  7. Pumpkin · July 13, 2016

    Wow phenomenal

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