you can be mean when you look this clean

The track is super catchy with some cute lyrics [wish he’d gotten to this beat before Amethyst tho]. But much more so, I’m really really reeeally feelin Jidenna‘s debut video! It’s mad sexy yet there’s no hyper-sexualization, no materialism, drug use or violence. The looks + clothing style are also pretty charming; it’s always refreshing to see a Black people in fun, well-fitting, sophisticated getups. And of course I love the overall positive messages and feel good vibes of the visual.

Classic, man.

I hope this is a precursor to what Jidenna’s musical career will look like. More visuals like this, please.

{You can pre-order Wondaland’s Eephus EP, which includes the remix to Classic Man featuring Kendrick Lamar plus Janelle Monae’s single Yoga [featuring Jidenna], expected to drop 14 Aug 15}



  1. hunglikejesus · August 1, 2015

    I like this dude and he looks weird as fuck and I’m always down for some weird shit.

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    • kelley · August 1, 2015

      Yes! I love weird. He looks different and is talking about something different than all these lames right now.


  2. Caleb Gee · August 3, 2015

    Love this song. Took a little to grow on me because it seemed so different than everything that’s out right now but once I saw him perform at the BET Awards and Kendrick Lamar jumped on the track I was sold.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kelley · August 3, 2015

      Right! I missed that performance but I like that he’s talking about something besides all the mumbled nonsense that’s categorized as hip-hop these days.


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