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I feel GLOSSRAGS is especially fitting for this edition of Black Every Friday. If nothing else, the And Counting tees can spark a conversation. Keep that necessary dialogue going. Pose as a reminder of the senseless acts of violence damaging + taking the lives of our loved ones.

I purchased a shirt from this young sister, Randi Gloss [seen above], last year. I love her dedication to fighting amnesia, which seems to quickly set in after one of our brothers or sisters dies. I can’t lie, I’ve forgotten many of their names because it’s basically daily news. But I do what I can to enlighten, strengthen and inspire- especially for positive causes like this.




The last few days kinda pretty much fucked up my mental. I mean there is no recovery period between these tragedies. There is no shortage of really horrible news. I’m generally a tall ball of joy, but it’s been very difficult to maintain positive thoughts when it pertains to certain topics. I don’t really have much to say on it except that I’m deeply saddened and disgusted. Like everyday. And I wish the families of the departed solace and justice.

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 [all photo cred: GLOSSRAGS]

week 30 \\ 2015


When you fail to LOVE and PROTECT your identity, it becomes a joke. 

power fist

[I read this on the Tired Sista blog &, of course, it resonated with me.]

Wake up. Spread some love. Share some knowledge.

cash rules everything around me



I know you’ve seen the drug ad subsequent to the commercial to participate in the lawsuit against said drug with the $1 burger promo after that and then the magic weight loss pill followed by the loving image of the embrace you’ll receive when you arrive at the diabetic nerve pain treatment center. These images normalize the truly perverse cycle contaminating so many minds and bodies. All within a three and a half minute show break.

Everything has a price tag in this country. E V E R Y T H I N G.

Your health is no different. Your life has a price. Everything you do [and don’t do] amounts in dollars. Instead of showing the masses how to stay in good shape, they pump us with highly addictive prescription pills, refined sugar, poisonous food dyes, hormones and a load of other crap. I mean people calling the police over a wrong order?! [What’s really in that food to make people react so crazily?] Funny, but outrageous. And sad. The idea is to keep us sick [and addicted] enough to return for more + more treatments and synthetic drugs and value meals instead of helping us prevent such toxic lifestyles in the first place. Besides costs, drugs and bad foods are no different in the process.


If you have one hour and 39 minutes to spare, I urge you to watch Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. It touched on some of the same facts as Fed Up and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, other great documentaries spotlighting the greedy, destructive big pharma and how to easily reverse illnesses. I lost a friend to cancer this year-who had just made 30-and I now know her illness was 100% preventable and reversible. Numbers don’t lie, folks. As we get sicker, they get richer. Our poor health and ignorance is their wealth.

The solution? Simple: Question everything. [Why is the salad $7 and the burger is $1 or $2? wtf is maltodextrin?! Why do I always feel tired?] Do your homework. Learn to read nutrition labels [especially the ingredients]. Buy food that has nutritional value and combats your ailment[s]. Practice moderation. Take note of how your body digests certain foods. Reheat meals in the oven or on the stovetop. Juice. Grow some shit. Exercise. Meditate. Read a book. Drink more water. Don’t smoke. De-stress. Do more of what makes you happy. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make resolutions.

I highly doubt things will change much within the for-profit backwards diseasecare system in my lifetime, but it is essential that we stay aware of our role in this game of Russian Roulette big corporations play with our lives. And it’s even more imperative for people of color and the impoverished because, as we can see from any direction we look, our deaths are of the highest commodity.


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YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO (the most of) //Guest Blog

Some of the realest shit I’ve read in a long time.

Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker

A follow up post inspired by Sara Glancy’s post

“Why It’s Time To Call Bullshit on The ‘Starving Artist’ Myth”

My name is Christopher Gabriel Núñez, I am a writer / actor / rapper and I haven’t worked a survival job in over a year.

Let’s be clear about one thing: The “starving artist” myth was invented by people with a different value system than you, if you are, in fact, an artist.

The starving artist myth was invented by the ancestors of people who spend seven hundred dollars on white noise alarm clocks at Sharper Image but would tell Itzhak Perlman to get a job if they saw him playing violin in Grand Central Station.

Fuck those people.

Recently, one of my favorite artists, EL-P, when asked by Adult Swim to talk about what it takes to make a living in the music industry, said something that…

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week 29 \\ 2015

If you are doing something to prove others wrong then you’re doing it for them, not you. Don’t burn yourself out for people that don’t care. The moment you stop looking for approval, you elevate + self-realization is all the validation you need. (Adrian Michael Green)

hidden gem: KING

Beyoncé drops nine albums a year.. meanwhile I can’t get another single from KING. [No shade! I just wanna hear more!] Their sound is just ethereal and fresh-yet infused with nods to the more soulful, old school r&b. The sisters of KING are so beautiful and super talented, producing and playing instruments as well as harmonizing their voices perfectly. I can listen to their few songs over. And over. And over and over.

Hey had me at haa-eeey. Listen to the rest of their gems on KING’s official site, spotify or soundcloud, and if you love them like I do, buy their EP and singles on iTunes!!!!!!


Who Will Revere The Black Woman? (September 1966) By Abbey Lincoln


Mark Twain said, in effect, that when a country enslaves a people, the first necessary job is to make the world feel that the people to be enslaved are sub-human. The next job is to make his fellow-countrymen believe that man is inferior and then, the unkindest cut of all is to make that man believe himself inferior.

A good job has been done in this country, as far as convincing them of their inferiority is concerned. The general white community has told us in a million different ways and in no uncertain terms that “God” and “nature” made a mistake when it came to fashioning us and ours….

[S]trange as it is, I’ve heard it echoed by too many Black full-grown males that Black womanhood is the downfall of the Black man in that she (the Black woman) is “evil,” “hard to get along with,” “domineering,” “suspicious,” and “narrow-minded.”…

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