drugstore beauty: summer edition

I live in the dirty dirty and you know it gets super sticky, so my “beauty” regimen has adapted accordingly from winter to summer, southwest desert to.. um.. tropic thunder? Anyway, here’s my current hair to toe lineup:

c r o w n


Coconut oil, my loyal best friend, transcends the seasons. I like to mix a little with my daily moisturizing spray. The combination is hydrating, smelly good and doesn’t get all gross when it’s humid {which is like everyday}.

beautyWhen I first returned natural, Carol’s Daughter was one of the first brands I tried and liked, and I’m getting back into it because it’s available at my local Target instead of just Macy’s and online. I suggest giving it a go if you have thick and/or natural hair and need a light, daily moisturizer. Plus it’s a Black-owned brand and smells aahhhmazing!

f a c e + b o d y

beauty7Y’all already  know I love Burt’s Bees and their latest vanilla bean stick is my new fav! {The mango butter is now a close runner up.} It’s provides great hydration throughout the seasons.

beauty4Oyin Handmade’s Honey Water is my new beloved. It is just perfect for these sticky southern summers and is only available in summer and spring. It’s built with with glycerin instead of oil, so it hydrates without that greasy gooey feeling that comes with humidity. Oyin is also Black-owned, created with love and made in Baltimore! Triple whoop!

beauty5And when my face, hands or feet need a lil extra moisture, I blend the Honey Water [the Honey and Rich Almond scents are super delightful, btw] with some coconut oil or just use the light, yet effective, Yes to Carrots lotion.

beauty3And, although it’s not exclusive to summer usage {albeit, some of us do allow ourselves to become a little wooly during winter}, my other favorite new thing is eos shave cream.

I’ll admit that I bought this at random, just shopping for a non-rusting bottle. But I was impressed with the label; it is made with butters and vitamins {hence the word cream instead of gel}, so you can shave wet or dry. {Plus aren’t all those other brands kinda scary with the wtf is this shit ingredients and contents under pressure/don’t let it get too hot warning labels??! Eek!} I got the vanilla bliss scent. {Can y’all tell I like vanilla? And Target?}


Everything I’ve mentioned [except the Honey Water and the pictured brand of coconut oil] is available at Target and/or target.com! I know some beauty bloggers write about products from specialty stores and department store counters that a lot of us regular folk just can’t afford to try. Nothing wrong with that, but are you trying to spend a ton on something you don’t even know if you’ll love? I also feel that it’s important to be just as conscious to what you put on to your body as what you put in it, as it all gets ingested one way or another.

If you have skin or hair, these are a few things that simply work so well for me that I had to share. You’re welcome 🙂 But if you test them out and they don’t work, send them to me! haha

As always, thanks for reading + subscribing!! ❤

week 21 \\ 2015: only boring people get bored

I really don’t understand adults saying that they’re bored. I mean, c’mon, they have complete control over their days-yet boredom always creeps up and bites them. I feel like boredom is for four-year-olds[and under] stuck in church, not adults who can buy stuff and go places and read good without having to ask for help or permission.yawn

There are occasions when one might feel bored in a place they are obligated to be[work, work meetings or work parties], surrounded by lames[co-workers] with zero ability to converse on a subsurface level, yet don’t wanna look like complete butt cheeks by being antisocial/on their cellie the entire time. [Do people still call them cellies? Or just me??] That I understand. But that’s it! No other excuses. Not one.

Point of my mini rant is there is no way you or anyone else has read all the books in the world, read every post on gray suede :), seen every corner of every city, eaten at all the restaurants that sound tasty, heard every great song, dipped a toe in every body of water, perused every library or art gallery, tried everything they want to try or knows everything they want to know. It’s impossible. So get. It. In while there’s still time, as much as possible, cuz you never know when it’ll be your time.

awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

Y’aaaaall, this is my new favorite music video {the song goes kinda tough too}, so you know I had to share!  And that’s saying a lot cuz they can be so boring these days! And, sure, maybe I’m a lil picky cuz I like a good visual to go along with a good song. Or at least have a cool video to compensate for wackness, right?

Just mundane. Not too much is coming off as authentic or original these days. same lyrics-same concept-same sound-different, yet weak, “artist”

Boooooo! And I’m not paying $9405.96 a month to watch MTV2 and Fuse to see “new” videos [which would be extra lame cuz they repeat the same 12 all day anyway], so luckily this was on the youtube homepage:

I used to go so hard for The Neptunes in their prime! They can do no wrong in my ears. They make magic. And although he has a recognizable, signature sound, Pharrell is such a dynamic magician/beast.

ca roll4

And Uncle Snoop is a living legend. He’s crazy but he’s awesome, and-IMO-has always made rap fun. Makes me happy to be a Cali girl, even tho we’re kinda suckin right now with the whole drought and overcrowded prisons thing. And don’t get me started on Stevie. He’s amazing on so many levels and a joy to see still touring and making music {and babies!}! haha I see you, S-dub!! 😛

ca roll

So, let’s see: No twerking, no materialism, no criminals, no violence, no hookers, nor Cristal showers 🙂 {Seee, I don’t ask for much.} It’s not my favorite ever, but it’s different and refreshing. {The visuals for “Fire We Make” by Alicia Keys + Maxwell, Janet + Joni Mitchell + Q Tip’s “Got Til It’s Gone” and anything that involves OutKast or Missy Elliott are a few of my favs, so you kinda get my aesthetic. Class > ass. And no corniness.} Just a lovely, timely collaboration. Love the whole vintage, futuristic, Egyptian kings vibe, too. Kudos to the creative director[s] and the ageless Pharrell in those princely robes!

More, please!! ❤

Do y'all have it? I heard it was dope hehe

Do y’all have it? I heard it was dope hehe

My Black Life Matters Too: Acknowledging Police Brutality Against Black Women

A Woman's Worth


By De La Fro

Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. All names that ring a bell for most, right? But what about Sheneque Proctor? Aiyana Stanley-Jones? Rekia Boyd? Tarika Wilson?


Oftentimes throughout the discussion of state violence, black men are centered, leaving black women almost completely erased from the narrative. People will say “Every 28 hours a black man is killed by a police officer” when really it’s “Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer.” Most people fail to acknowledge or even are unaware of police brutality against black women. Not only are black women physically assaulted and murdered by police officers, black women have been sexually assaulted by police officers as well.

Even when police brutality toward black women is brought up the response is usually apathetic or watered down empathy. I’ve seen people, including black men, say that that’s…

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week 20 \\ 2015

I know body shaming is nothing new to this country, but there’s this crazy commercial that’s kinda seriously haunting me! And I have seen it several times. Late at night. When they know single women are up. Alone. Snacking. Watching Snapped and contemplating the meaning of life..

Suuuuper wack, right?? Like beyond.

I have no problem with the product’s purpose, but the verbiage in this shit is just mad unnecessary:

One, they say “perfect body” too many times. Our different sizes and shapes are what makes us perfect. And nowadays, there is an array of clothing to fit all of our lovely body types.

And two, wtf does “hide your boring baby body” mean??!? Excuse a woman for carrying LIFE! She’s gone through months of gestation, discomfort, crazy hormones, weight gain/loss, labor. Then this amazing life-giving goddess pops out a new little person who depends on her, so I’m pretty sure looking all super slim and fine is the last thing on her mind.

bikini bod

I’m all for a woman feeling more confident in what she wears, but there’s no need to dis non-hourglass shapes to get your point across. But hey, telling women they are beautiful just as they are doesn’t sell. Whether you have an athletic build, square, round, long, skinny mini, hourglass, top-heavy or whatever-just accept who you are. Love yourself, have fun, eat better, exercise, have confidence and wear what makes YOU feel good. And think positive thoughts. That’s the perfect body to me. End rant.

week 19 \\ 2015

Hey, lovers. I have writer’s block somethin serious so I’ll leave you with:


Growth is the necessary tool to create the best version of yourself and create the most fulfilling life. If you’re already right where you wanna be, whoooa! Cheers to you, ya showoff. If you’re like most of us, keep that head up + keep pushing.

I hope you’re having an amazing week! As always, many thanks for reading and subscribing.

week 18 \\ 2015 : the dress code

Maybe I’m getting old? Possibly people have just become increasingly careless? Maybe both. My eyes see just way too many pajamas and butt cracks in public. And these people are having kids and teaching their kids not to care either.

Why though?? I’m so confused. And kinda annoyed.

non smiley

One of the reasons why I love the show Mad Men so much is because of the fashion. I mean back then even the housewives dressed up to sit in the house. God forbid a neighbor popped over and you’re in sweats burping your newborn! {Were sweats even a thing back then?} People made it a point to almost always look their best, and if they were caught outdoors wearing an old t-shirt and flannel pants, you better believe it was an emergency/they’d lost it.

Was this a bit excessive? Heck yes. But at least they were never underdressed, right? And regardless of how messed up their life was, the presentation was always pleasant, not sloppy. What you wear is a statement, despite the statement you think you’re not making when you roll out of bed and right out the door.


Wear a bra.

Make sure your tracks aren’t showing.

Iron your shirt.

Wear a belt.

Stains are bad.

All I’m saying is taking a little more time to put together a look says you care. IMO, looking nice is a form of self-love, just like eating right or bathing regularly. {And when you step outside in pjs, it’s safe to assume you haven’t bathed.}tf2

Anyway, I don’t need to see tailored suits {though it is MAD sexy!} or pleated skirts and perfectly coiffed hair but I just ask that people grow up, pull up their pants, wear their size and put a little effort into their looks. Just a little.

Please. Thanks 🙂

{rant over}