Small Business Saturday: Earbuds

With my new, shorter-than-ever haircut, I’m pretty much obliged to rock huge earrings. Plus my recent jewelry purge made me realize that I had a lot of boring pairs! Some too small, others a lil dated, and a few made me question why I ever spent any money on them.

So, continuing on my crusade to buy small and buy Black [and local when I can], I just wanted to share some of my latest and greatest finds.I don’t know how, where, when or how I discovered Peace Images, but it’s an amazing brand. Very earthly, beautiful designs-wearable art from the heart. Soon as I get my money right, I’m buying up the entire site!!




Rachel Stewart‘s page was suggested to me when I had Facebook and BOOM-I was instantly enamored. You know it’s real when you can’t decide what you want to buy cuz you want it allllll! Funky, chunky, colorful and fresh, she really has a signature aesthetic. I absolutely LOVE her stuff! [P.S. there’s a sale going thru February 5th!]


I was introduced to Beads by Aree by a friend on the gram.. but it’s SO much more than beads! A quick scan thru her feed and I was like ok, this is something very cool and special. Majestic and soulful and happy are a few words that I feel describe these amazing, imaginative beauties.




My trusty Etsy always always comes thru! A search on the site results Alii Fuerza and her lovely collection of badass, innovative jewelry. Featuring Malcolm X, 2Pac, and Che Guevara, Alii’s gems make such a statement without you having to say a word. [Perfectly fitting for Black History Month, no?]fts

Again, I was hunting for a certain something when I came upon Green Tree Jewelry on Etsy.They specialize in eco-friendly, wooden laser cut earrings. Suuuper lightweight and charming, they have everything you can think of to sport on your ears-from animals and plants to cityscapes and everything in between.



Even if you’re not all gungho on buying Black or small or local, you have to admit that these unique brands are kind of dope, right! Regardless, I’m excited that they exist and that I can share them with you.


week 4 \\ 2015

Sooo, two things you most likely know already:

1. Dating kinda sucks;

2. Every ONE isn’t the one.

I’ve been thru my share of hell dates, amazing dates, jokers, heartache, buttholes, stress and doubt, but nothing compares to that omg-omg-bursting-at-the-seams-of-my-entire-being-love that makes kissing a few frogs so worth it. I’ve experienced it so I know it exists ..yet I know and see quite a few couples settling for that lukewarm, I got love for you type of relationship. There’s nothing I can really do as an outsider but reconfirm what I refuse to ever do with my one heart, with my time. With my one life. And why should I settle? Why should anyone?

Because it’s comfortable?

Because you believe this is as good as it gets?

Because you’re not getting any younger?

In my eyes, these reasons are no reason to give all your precious time away. Of course, learn what you want and don’t, have fun and meet new people, but don’t just list all the great things about the other person without considering your long-term happiness. He or she may look great on paper with a heap of admirable qualities, you two may get along great. But times of adversity will test your heart, your loyalty. And if you’re not completely in [thru the good, bad and uuuugly], it’ll show. So why not wait for that someone who will make you want to stay? Who makes your eyes water at the thought of living your life without them? That special someone you can’t stay mad at?


There’s nothing wrong with settling down.. just don’t settle.


week 3 \\ 2015

I read this awesome quote the other day that really resonated with me. It went something like:

If you’re gonna get paid and still be broke, why not get paid to do something you LOVE and be broke?? I mean if you’re gonna be broke anyway.

I think this makes perfect sense.

Just some food for thought as you clock into that job that you hate. Almost. Every. Freakin. Day.

week 2 \\ 2015

Too many times I have ignored my gifts-oppositely working as a restaurant hostess [I’m not that friendly], in retail [], customer service [I don’t eve like people], caring for other people’s kids [the only kid I like is my nephew], hanging signs and changing mannequins [department stores and their customers are the devil], at a desk for EIGHT HOURS a DAY wtf. Stepping stones I guess?

Instead of following my gut [which is always right, btw], I just went “with the flow.” What does that even mean? Going with the flow? Following the crowd. “Fitting in.” Taking the easy route. Abiding by the “rules.” Basically existing but not living.


But why? You think, act and speak on your path, declare what you want, not sit back and become complacent and super ordinary. Beige. Letting fear of ______ knock us down, swearing that every setback is the exact reason why you can’t or shouldn’t. But those bumps in the road-those hard times-are all there for a purpose. And I have traveled over enough bumps to recognize their purpose. And mine. Trials always put my priorities back in focus.

Instead of straying from the life we were meant to live, why don’t we try doing more of what we enjoy? Nothing is too small. NOT A THING created from the heart is trivial. I believe we’re all creators that lost our way as we added years to our journeys, becoming adults and racking up responsibilities and worries. Instead of being stressed from dead-end, hamster wheel jobs that make us unhappy and uncomfortable and really only help us pay bills and take 14 vacation days a year [who made these standards??] and maybe provide a little health insurance, why don’t we all do MORE of the things that make us smile? 


Whether it be baking, painting, taking pictures, organizing, building a new bike engine, knitting, making travel plans or lesson plans, brainstorming, singing, doodling, dancing [one of my personal favs] or journaling- take time to create some beauty. Because those things that you create are what you were meant to do, even if you can’t make a living out of it [just yet]. They’re personal and unique. No one else can make that thing you love to make exactly the way you can. Why ignore that?

Anyone can be trained to do most jobs today, so don’t stifle your talents just because a little life has caught up with you. Don’t deny yourself those simple, priceless joys because I have very little doubt that you will look back, wonder where the time went and regret regret regret not doing MORE -not creating more- with your one precious life.


2000 Watts

Hey hey hey! Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been amazing and memorable. I know mine was!! I had a big birthday [nerdy 30] and was blessed enough to get away and enjoy it with some real ones in my home city of Los Angeles.


Instead of revisiting my favorite go-to eateries this trip, I ventured out to explore some new places [because L.A. has a LOT to choose from]. And I’m really glad I did.


My cousin who grew up and still resides in southern California suggested her friend’s coffee shop in Watts, aptly named Watts Coffee House. This cozy spot is dope! Right up my alley with eclectic decor, Black posters and artwork, good music, great energy, on the ball service and, of course, super delicious cuisine.


Watts Coffee House specializes in southern food [I had cheese eggs, grits and some bombass fried catfish]. All of it was perfectly cooked and tasty. A freshly baked brownie with homemade whipped cream topped of the experience.


Please stop by this gem if you live in or are visiting the L.A. area. It’s super close to Watts Towers if you’re looking for something else tourist-y to do. I suggest you walk the couple of blocks to it after your meal cuz trust, you will be stuffed and satisfied!20141230_143407




To learn more about WCH’s history and outlook, take a read and Google it!!

Address: 1827 East 103rd Street [at Wilmington], Los Angeles, CA 90002

Phone:(323) 249-4343




week 1 \\ 2015

A friend asked me how I felt about turning 30. And I responded with one word:


I’m blessed to have a loving, supportive family and a handful of real ones in my corner, all my fingers to draw with and write and create. More than that, many people never see 30. And sometimes witnessing another’s hardship forces you re-realize how truly blessed you are.

I am NOWHERE near where I want to be in life, but my goal is to steadily get closer without ever becoming complacent. Which means I’ll be doing a lot more this year [and every year thereafter]:

travel more

read more

show more love

more consistency and follow-through

listen more/speak less/communicate better

just doing more of what I dig, including blogging

Keeping it simple and putting it out there. I’m not really into new year’s resolutions so I’ll just call it my pledge- my long-term and short-term goals for this year and this life.

Cheers to doing more in 2015 😉


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