Hot Commodity

[Firstly, let me apologize for my ridiculously long absence. As we all know, life happens and you lose motivation or nothing is inspiring you or you’re not in the mood to write… or, as in my case, all of the aforementioned. But gs and I aren’t going anywhere! And I will continue pumping out the goods.]


Speaking of goods, Commodity is my favorite new discovery in the fragrance department. I came upon it through an instagrammer and took advantage of the Cyber Monday deal. Juuust in case it wasn’t everything I hoped it would be, at least I saved some dough, right.


Anyway, I’d been peepin for a bit, and I’m a sucker for a nice, “clean” site that easy to shop- minimal, no shit popping up all over your screen, no music. I like it. And with the most unique scents like tea [which really really smells like tea, btw], paper and pinot, I had to get my wrists and neck on some.


We can all imagine what gold or a mimosa smells like, but we’d be taking a chance to just buy it without taking a whiff. So Commodity allows you to sample all ten-10 scents created for men, 10 for the ladies. Spraying sticks included, test in your bathroom instead of having the saleslady at the department store perfume counter patiently wait on you to make a decision. And if you fancy any, take your three favorite in travel size [10mL], all for one price.


I just really love this simple concept. From the site to the scents to the packaging, it’s fresh. I think it’s smart and different and very cool for people like me who love to smell good but hate malls. The fragrances are perfect for layering, too, so it’s easy [and fun] to customize.

Plus, Commodity is a new company [born in 2012] and local! Whoop whoop! Check em out!