Just Kickin It: Fall/Winter Edition

Soo all these calendars and websites and newscasters say that today is the first day of autumn? I call bull$#!+ because it’s damn near 100 degrees today. But it does have me thinking about what new kicks I want to rock once these temps drop…

I have plenty of open and closed toe flats, signature boots and cozy booties, but I’m trying to switch it up this year by incorporating more sneakers. Believe it or not, sneakers were almost all I used to wear-from Nike to Guess to Fila-you name it, I owned it [or at least wanted to]. Somewhere gray between adolescence and early adulthood, I stopped rocking them and got really really really girly. But now I feel the need to bring em back into my wardrobe for three main reasons:

Full-Coverage Comfort. [I will be doing a lot more walking and biking this year.]

Style. [Like..duh.]

-And, most importantly, something different.


Here’s my itty bitty wish list:

Nostalgic cuties.

Classic comfort.

Cool errand Runnings.

I believe one’s wardrobe [including accessories and kicks] should constantly evolve to match your current style and lifestyle needs. Plus you should love to put on every article in your closet. So my little tweak is necessary to match my cold season plans.

……Orrr maybe that’s just my excuse for shopping?