I’m TWO!!

Whoot whooooo!!

For those of you who have followed since day one, you may have realized graysuede turned TWO on summer solstice! {Happy summer, btw!!} I started out just telling friends and old coworkers what I was doing, and now, after two years of dedicating some creative energy and time, I’ve branched out and touched the lives [and closets] of strangers! I may not have many subscribers, but I am thankful for every soul that follows or reads occasionally or has only skimmed one post! It’s a great feeling knowing that my little two cents can make someone think or laugh or learn something new.

So many many thanks, y’all. Really!!

And with time brings change, so I want to start incorporating a little more of my other passions and loves- like music and food as well as just life in general. Fashion will still be the core so don’t worry! I also think I’ve caught a creative wind so I’ll be posting like I used to.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me, old timers! And welcome welcome, new comers!! xo


How to Wear White to a Wedding

[disclaimer: this post speaks to wedding guests, of course, not brides or maids]

I figured since wedding season is in full swing aaaaand I’ll be attending two ceremonies this summer, I can share with you ladies how to dress in white for the occasion without upstaging the bride.

As most of you know by now, I personally adore white- wearing it, sleeping on it, looking at it. It is just one of those neutrals that [almost] always looks fresh and chic, and who wouldn’t want to look fresh and chic at a wedding?! [There might be single men in attendance!]  Plus you’ll want to look your most awesome in all those pictures you’ll be in.

Firstly, don’t wear a solid white dress.

Or cream. Or barely gray. Or eggshell. Or off-white.

Unless it’s one of those weddings where you’re asked to wear a certain color or palette, just say no to the white dresses and gowns. You’ll stand out.. in a bad way. I know it seems obvious, but I’ve seen it happen. Don’t be that girl!


Break it up.

Color blocking is always fun and always in style, so if you have found your must-wear white skirt or blouse, rock it with a nice belt and a solid companion. Or make sure your color blocked dress is less than 50% solid white.



Keep it short[s].

I love love love love white summer shorts! I’d go for a linen or chambray, comfortable and casual yet mature. I wouldn’t mind seeing a pair with a white blouse at a daytime wedding, especially if it’s outdoors. A onesie also works.

romp romp2

Suit yourself.

I love short sets too, in suit form or however-they’re just so grown up and versatile! If weather permits, try a white three piece. This is also a great way to incorporate some of that color blocking I mentioned or have some fun with a print.

Just say no.

Lastly, I would avoid white “wedding dress fabrics” like taffeta, satin and organza. Stay away from intricate beading and lots of tiers or ruffles or lace. And tutu styles. Super cute, but not here, not in white. No ma’am. There are too many other options for you to be looking all bridal as a guest.


I love love this getup ^^^ btw. But don’t do it! Save it for date night!

I hope I’ve been helpful!

[P.S. I know it’s been over a month, graysueders, and I’m sorry. I vowed to be more consistent but sometimes life just happens, you’re not inspired, you start something then it ends up sounding cornier that corn chowder or you just don’t make the time. My problem is all three of those. But hey, I’m back! For now..]

Love y’all! Take it easy! xo