Small Business Saturday is a three year old tradition started back in 2010 to promote and celebrate small corporations the day after ominous Black Friday. Why should huge, multi-billion dollar brands get all the traffic and dough? Supporting local businesses not only boosts the economy but also helps your community. All the while, buying cool stuff you may or may not need.

The National Federation of Independent Business has a nice long list of small corps throughout the country participating in this weekend’s sales. Check it out!

Another easy site to find small businesses to shop this weekend is Pinterest. Just hit the link or search “small business” and voila!!


If you didn’t have a reason to shop this weekend, this is a good one, especially if you have a long holiday gift list. If you don’t know where to go, ask around, search online or just go to the small businesses you frequent and see for yourself. As the years go on, I hope SBS continues to become more and more popular. And if you plan on shopping after stuffing your face with leftovers this weekend, don’t forgot about the little guys. Even if you have a honey glazed ham hangover and can’t get into some leggings and boots to step out, shop small from your sofa online. Please feel free to comment with information to find and shop your small business or a small business that you know will be participating in the sales for Small Business Saturday, November 30th.

Happy shopping!!




Color Coated

Autumn is defined by transition: leaves turning, dying and crunching under your boots on the sidewalk, the sun setting way too early and an unmistakeable crispness in the air. I hate it all. But until I move to my tropical island, I’ll have to deal with the changing seasons, including the dead of winter. And I think some people take the dead of winter literally, dressing in dreary gray [which I love, btw!] and black. That’s fine, but there’s got be some contrast. Some life! Who says you can’t be stylish or colorful in the cold??

I kinda hate puffer coats. They just seem so bulky and unflattering, like walking down the street with a comforter wrapped around you. But this orange Cole Haan is so chic and fun and the belt gives the wearer some shape. It’s available at Loehmann’s.


Lands' End $115

“Wool Scoopneck Coat” Lands’ End, $115

Sure it’s just a long wool coat, but it’s in yellow and collarless which equals “happy and unique.” Find it at Lands’ End in a rainbow of colors and stay warm without breaking the bank.


Anne Klein $110

“A-Line Coat” Anne Klein, $110

The bright pink of this coat puts a little twist on the simple, classic cut of a double-breasted pea coat. It’s so feminine too and works well for many body types. Try it on at Macy’s.


Rock a fur without feeling guilty or gaudy! This pelted faux fur coat by Asos looks so snuggly and comfy and the color is beautiful! To avoid looking like you’re still celebrating Halloween, tone down the rest of your look and you’re golden. It also comes in black if you wanna play it safe.


$64 Isaac Mizrahi

“Leopard Jacquard Trench” $64, Isaac Mizrahi

Since cat prints are pretty much neutral, you can wear a trench like this with almost everything in your cold weather wardrobe. It’s on clearance at Raaaawwwrrrrr!


Dang I love this coat! It’s so feminine and clean and sophisticated. I’d buy if it were half the price. The color, the shape and the seam detail do it for me.


I love this print! And the price is right! This a-line, belted coat will keep you toasty and tasteful throughout the season. And even though it’s black and gray [the two no-no colors aforementioned], the big, graphic print gives it interest. Shop “Emilia Charley Stripe Coat” at karmaloop.


This double breasted boucle coat is ready for your purchase at Asos! The emerald color is so rich and earthy while the shape flatters an array of body types.


I love a good, chunky plaid. I would have loved this coat even more if the plaid was a little bigger. She happens to be named “Lumber Janet” and is available at I can see this working well with some black skinnies and cognac knee-high boots. City meets county!


More of an everyday, all-occasion coat, the trench has a timeless style and comes in an array of colors and can top any ensemble. And the belt helps to emphasize the natural waistline = insta chic!


This royal blue is just so yummy you don’t have to wear anything else. This coat says it all. I love the bold color, the double shawl collar and the length. And it’s kinda sexy. Find it exclusively online at Nordstrom.


Red is so vibrant and powerful that it’ll definitely stand out amongst the drab that snow and cold weather can bring. It’s such a feminine shape and can easily be dressed up or down. Shop it on


$138 Vince Camuto

“The Puffer Coat” $138, Vince Camuto

For that really really crisp, needles in your skin chilly, this beige puffer does double duty keeping you warm and looking super chic. Plus it has a hood and perfectly placed pockets for extra protection from the elements. Find it in black and dark green too at Lord & Taylor.

So if you’re one of those freaks who enjoys frolicking about in the cold, keep warm in style this winter.

hot coco

Coco Chanel that is..

I dream of having the luxury to dress like this. Daily. For work. For a lunch date. For a casual business meeting. But in my current field working in childcare, all I really think about when choosing an outfit is 1). What’s comfortable? and 2). What do I not mind getting puke or pee on? My work attire is just lackluster. It doesn’t allow me to really have fun or be super stylish and funky. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything in my closet, but some pieces are so much more special than others. So, until I find my place in my desired field and become one of those very fabulous, established fashion bloggers with their ootd posts in beautiful, designer garb, I’m starting my own acronym:

dootd: dream outfit of the day

Laugh if you want to. ..One day, y’all. One day.

hot coco

Mary Katrantzou sweater

Skater skirt

Chanel clutch

Neon scarve
$40 –

Wayfarer sunglasses

Nature Inspired: Autumn Leaves

just a small collection of cool jewelry and accessories inspired by autumn:

[it’s vintage!]

wooden brooch on