Bringing Africa Home

If you’re like me with big dreams of traveling the Motherland but can’t yet afford it, try the much cheaper route of bringing Africa into your home. It’s easy to do with simple, chic accessories that make a statement without turning your space into a museum. Many of the fabrics used are bright and graphic and will add a fresh, youthful vibe to your home.  Here are a few of my favorite things [via etsy, of course]:

African Wax Print, Maracuja $30, etsy

African Wax Print, Maracuja $30

"Nile Lotus" Throw Pillow $30, etsy

“Nile Lotus” Throw Pillow $30, OSxN

"Africa Clock" $30, castlehomeware via etsy

“Africa Clock” $30, castlehomeware

3/3 "Moroccan Fine Art Photos" $75, Sarah Franklin via etsy

3/3 “Moroccan Fine Art Photos” $75, Sarah Franklin

"Technicolor Tub Chair" $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery

“Technicolor Tub Chair” $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery

"Antique Africa Elephant Stool" $189, EastWestClassic1980

“Antique Africa Elephant Stool” $189, EastWestClassic1980

"Tribal Design Pouf" $75, Maria Vargas Design

“Tribal Design Pouf” $75, Maria Vargas Design

"Danish Mid-Century Chair" $1320, chezboheme

“Danish Mid-Century Chair” $1320, chezboheme

Senufo Stool/Side Table " $400, africanhouse via etsy

Senufo Stool/Side Table ” $400, africanhouse via etsy

Although authentic pieces can be pricey, a single article of furniture can completely alter a room, so it will be worth the investment. Pillows and artwork can help pull it all together without the commitment. Stay tuned for the clothing and accessories version of Bringing Africa Home. In the meantime, happy shopping!!

white hot winter [some jewelry and accessories]

I love white. I especially love a crispy bright bright white in a dead, cold winter. White adds that tiny spark of life to the otherwise sad, dark palate that winter often carries. I found a few new lovelies shopping online [sidenote: Etsy has a collection of all things beautiful and unique in the world, fyi] that I’d like to share with those of you who have the same adoration:

Pinky Wings

Pinky Wings

Dressed up or down, these wings makes a statement. And they look like they can double as weapons!

Porcelain Dove

Porcelain Dove

Take flight with this porcelain dove bobby pin. It adds elegance to an otherwise overlooked styling tool.

Wonder Woman Cuff

Wonder Woman Cuff

This cuff is the perfect example of how versatile resin can be! It’s so super simple, modern and chic.

Rhizome Cuff

Rhizome Cuff

This cuff reminds me of coral from a reef -just structured and shaped into a beautiful bracelet. Like the Wonder Woman, it can easily be incorporated into any look for day, night, business or pleasure.

[see more +shop livingwithwhite for the above items]

Fishbone Ring

Fishbone Ring

Otherwise a ho hum ring, the hand-drawn fish gives a touch of whimsy.

[shop tadastudio]

White Cocktail

White Cocktail

I love the mixed media used to create this ring. And you don’t need a cocktail in your hand to rock it 😉

[shop PiggleAndPop]

Turquoise Flower

Turquoise Flower

This dreamy piece looks like it was plucked from the Earth! I just adore its classy, romantic look and the color combination is bright and fresh.

[shop LetMeBe]

White Lily Studs

White Lily Studs

Small and sweet yet so stylish and fun! Again, a studly pair plucked right from the ground and made into tiny statement ear candy.

[shop GoingHollywood]

Crochet Necklace

Crochet Necklace

This soft necklace is so sweet and charming.

[shop fashionscarf]

Winter Whiter Headband

Winter Whiter Headband

White headbands aren’t just for babies. This stylish, youthful earwarmer works double time in the cold seasons and can be added to complete a ton of casual ensembles.

[shop BraceletsatSunset]

White is timeless and looks great on everyone, so don’t be afraid to invest in some beautiful, stately pieces.

Is That Velvet??

Velvet is one of the few modern/classic materials that make you look instantly super refined yet trendy. Originally associated with nobility, nonetheless. And velvet is perfect for the cold seasons with its thick pile and smooth feel- often dyed rich, warm colors. It works well on men and even better for women.

Unsure how and wear to rock it? Take heed:

47125_in_xl _5941510

The velvet skirt can go a long way. Wear it to the office or the office party. Pair it up with a crisp white blouse, leather jacket and chunky gold jewelry. The fabric contrasts will look amazing and sophisticated. It even works for date night; with some sky high pumps, you’ll kill it.


A velvet dress really makes a statement, especially in a bold tone. It can look beautiful and effortless just as easily as it can look gaudy or overwhelming, so make sure to stick to a more modern silhouette that fits well. And tone down the rest of your look with simple, neutral accessories.

1248751_fpx.tif Burgundy-Ombre-15-433x650

Velvet pants are a great denim or corduroy alternative, and just like its alternatives, they can be worn anywhere.

schoolboy-velvet-blazer-by-jcrew P00044917-VELVET-BLAZER--STANDARD jcrew-velvet-vest

Velvet blazers and vests are an easy way to dress up a casual look. They add dimension and class to an otherwise simple ensemble.


A velvet set can be a little much it it’s not done right, much like a velvet dress. But it can speak volumes if done right! That’s why I love this little set: it can be worn with some sexy hose and pumps for a night look or team up with studded smoking loafers for a polished day outfit. And the black keeps things simple as opposed to costume-y.

velvet_pumps 7B631390-C33C-488C-A292-03D608299D5B gojane_2245_697323713Even if you can’t get into the velvet clothing, velvet pumps can really pull a look together. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. And they are just so grown up and sexy!

So get into the recurring velvet trend while it’s still nippy so when people ask you if that’s velvet, you can reply, “why, yes it is!”

Happy Monday, folks! Make it a great week!