The Best Accessory: Your 10 Digits

I think hands tell a lot about a person: age, style, hygiene [or lack of], personality. Like any make-up or clothing, hairstyle, perfume or accessories, your nails and how you upkeep them is a reflection of you.

so fresh & so clean

French tips are a classic go-to that any woman can rock at any age. I prefer natural white tips but acrylics that look natural can also work. They are a feminine, clean standard for the workplace or everyday. Adding a design or sparkle to a French tip brings a touch of glam for a special event. I used to do my own but I find that salons do a much better job and it tends to last longer.

red-y for the world

Red is also a classic. It’s effortlessly sexy, powerful and ultra-feminine. It should be in every woman’s lacquer stash.

think jordan almonds..

I love pastel polishes too. They’re sweet and soft and work with all skin tones. Pair them with some chunky metallic rings and you’ve got instant glam.

go bananas

And I adore unique designs and print techniques on well-groomed talons. They make a statement and are a great conversation piece. They may be a stark contrast to your ensemble, but I think that makes them stand out even more. So I encourage you to buy and try new colors and designs. What I love about a great manicure is that, even if you’re wearing the same color or idea as the next lady, it looks different on each individual.

City Tour Daycation

As we slowly approach the unofficial last weekend of summer, keep in mind that there’s a little time left for a mini-vaca. I suggest gathering your beau and/or a couple friends for a city tour daycation. I define a daycation as a vacation that only lasts a day or so that doesn’t take you far from your home base. It’s a great way to do what tourists do in your town and catch up on its history, if that’s your thing. Taking a city tour may involve sitting on an open double-decker bus rooftop and walking through parks and museums, so wear some comfy flats or sandals with light, breathable clothing. An easy breezy hair hair style and a barely beaten face will help you beat the heat and stay comfortable throughout the day. A pair or full-coverage sunshades and a large tote for water, brochures and any souvenirs you find along the way complete your essentials needed for an enjoyable daycation. And don’t forget your camera!

[park n ride]

city essentials

Denim Alternative: Khakis

I don’t know where you live, but where I am, the summer is still in full effect with triple digit temperatures. So if I’m in the mood for denim, it’s in the form of a skirt or shorts. But if a day calls for pants, such as a movie date or dinner where I know the ac will be on full blast, I break out the khakis. Like denim, they can be very neutral and pair with an array of tops, shoes and accessories. But they’re very light and breathable.

Khakis can be dressed up or down.


They come in a variety of cuts. AND not just in your typical beige color either.

And they transcend the seasons just like denim. So dress them up with a crease, chunky jewelry and some pumps or down with sandals, a denim vest and a tank for the rest of this hot season.

Bloglovin, Two Months In

I didn’t think it was possible but I have bloggers block. With gray suede being mostly a fashion blog, there’s an endless amount of topics to discussĀ  and avenues to take, but this last week, I was completely uninspired. I would start typing and creating a collage and just couldn’t reach completion. My right brain just shut down. But besides this short hiatus/block thing after two months of starting up, I love blogging. I love to share my points of view with the world, I love to inspire and be inspired. I love that people from everywhere in the world can see what I have to say and share their points of view too. It’s an awesome domain to share my thoughts and ideas that would otherwise pile up in my head. I love that there are, essentially, no or not many rules when blogging. So, with that being said, thanks. Thanks for watching and reading. Gray suede will be back in its normal groove soon. Have a great week!

It’s Never Too Early to Think Ahead: Fall Trends

When I heard this fall’s trends being described by Harper’s Bazaar as “granny chic,” I honestly got scared. But as I scanned through photos from fashion week and read some details, I understood and I like it! I think it’s great for a young woman 25+. There’s a lot of structure and sophistication in store for fall that will trickle down across the masses.

As usual, red and other warm tones, flannel, cable knit, and plaid come back for the colder seasons.

Donna Karan

Michael Kors

Fur accents, leather and animal prints remain timeless and will be a go-to for autumn. The contrasting textures make a bold statement when they’re layered, even if the look is monochromatic.

Rag & Bone

All white everything,-yes, even after Labor Day-brings that clean, polished appeal. AND it’s easy to accessorize.

J. Mendel

Chris Benz

I’m not a huge fan of shawls [yet] or embroidery, or jacquard, but they are bound to be popular this coming season.

Marc Jacobs

What do you think of autumn’s chic “granny” style? Will you be purchasing some of these renewed classic pieces to refresh you wardrobe?


Elle magazine’s top picks for the fall:

Check out more photos from the runway. You’ll see more and more of these styles online and in stores as the season approaches:

I love that a lot of these pieces and looks are timeless so they won’t go out of style come fall 2013 or years to come. So if you’re in need of a wardrobe refresher, don’t be afraid to invest in some of these solid pieces. Happy shopping!

Looks I Love: Metallic w/ Pastel

Metallic is still in for the summer season, as are pastels, and I love their visual appeal when they’re coupled, especially with gold. The combination of hard and soft, shiny and subdued, look polished and pretty together. Metallic offers a hint of glam while still being a neutral and is easy to find in accessories, jewelry and shoes. Crisp white, black and bold prints also pair well with metallics [and not just in attire].

Give your digits a metal pastel mix..
Or your make-up..Or even your bedroom..

Metallic <3s Pastel

Chic Da’Chic

Da’Chic is a new small accessories business based out of my hometown of Los Angeles that was created and inspired by two friends of mine, sisters Joy and Felicia Masha. I am so proud of them for making their vision reality. Their line is chic[duh], beautiful, and affordable, and will make great gifts to give or gifts to self. So I’m spotlighting their brand today with a short interview. I hope you fall in love with it like I did. I think we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from the ladies behind Da’chic, so take heed!

How did you get started? Da’Chic Designs by Sister Hands was founded on inspiration, culture, and faith. Sisters, Felicia Masha and Joy Masha have always found themselves in the world of fashion as models and fashion students. Soon, they both found themselves incorporating their style into chic-designed accessories and clothing. Focusing on accessories and ear candy, these designers have created another style to chic an outfit. “Get ready with Da’Chic Designs.”

Image{orange chic accessory set}

What obstacles did you encounter during the production process? With any new adventure obstacles are a given, it’s how you handle those obstacles that brings about the success Da’Chic Designs has seen these past few months since its founding. One obstacle we faced was making enough product to meet demands. It’s easy to underestimate your business in the early stages as you are determining whether or not your potential clientele is interested in coming back for more. Never underestimate your vision. You have to have a plan and work hard at it, even you it seems like the odds are against you. We missed out on opportunities that could have added to our clientele because we limited our product production. We later corrected our limitation, not only in product but also in our thinking.

What inspired you to go down the avenue of accessories? We were inspired to go down the avenue of accessories having made a few skirts and shirts and had extra fabric left over. We didn’t want it to go to waste so we thought about accessories that would match our designs. After we made our first pair of earrings the idea followed, what if we made chic accessories to chic-out any outfit. After that moment, Da’Chic Designs was born.

Image{chic bangle set}

Who is Da’Chic? Who do you see rockin your pieces? Da’Chic is the professional woman who was to add style to her work clothes without looking unprofessional, she is the teen who wants to set her style apart from the rest, she is also the everyday girl who loves fashion and knows she can chic-out any outfit with the right accessories.

Do you plan to expand to a clothing collection or any other categories? Da’Chic Designs, while focusing on accessories, also sells designed Dashikis and Africa inspired T-shirts. In the future we hope to launch our interior decor line. We believe fashion should not stop at the door, when it could be shown throughout one’s house.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers and other small business owners? Write your vision down, create your designs, and find strong team, and promote, promote, promote, promote whenever you get the chance. The more people know about your designs and see other people in them, the more your clientele builds. It’s going to get hard, you’ll have successes and challenges, but no matter what, if you believe in your designs you have to trust that God will open doors

What’s next for Da’Chic? We speak into existence our million dollar accessory, clothing, and interior decor Da’Chic stores around the country, oh yes! Da’Chic Designs will be everywhere. Until next time, check us out at or “Chic your outfit today”

Website Da’Chic Accessories & Interior Decor was establish January 2012 by two sisters, Joy and Felicia Masha. A Los Angeles-based business, this young dynamic duo seeks to enhance fashion and room decor with centric pieces and designs. Da’Chic provides its customers with auth…

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