Spotlight on Inglewood: Sa’brak Boutique

Sa’brak is one of my favorite boutiques in Inglewood, CA. It’s not too well known, which means it’s usually not crowded, and offers many beautiful, unique finds. I suggest popping in if you have a moderate budget and like to stand out in the shoe, apparel and jewelry departments. And great news: Sa’brak will soon have online shopping! So go get your small business support on! Happy shopping!

Sandal Spotlight: Pastel Pump It Up

If your shoes make a statement, make sure the rest of your look is understated.

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#2, Please, No Onion

I recently visited a brand new McDonald’s for their grand opening. If I hadn’t pulled up and seen the famous golden arches with my own eyes, I would have thought I’d pulled up to a supertrendy coffee shop or bistro. The ambiance and decor was everything I love in my interiors: clean, modern, bright and comfortable. I am not a fan of their food[their blended coffees, apple pies and parfaits do tickle my fancy ever so randomly], but I was very impressed. Mickey D’s has come a loooong way from their ketchup and mustard-colored booths and tabletops, so I understand why this designer was hired to revamp the staff’s appearance and I hope the U.S. will adopt this new look. I love the new uniforms; they complete the remodeling package.

P.S. I agree that McDonald’s is pretty much an American evil when it comes to nutritional value, but they’re trying.

In Living Color: Subtle American

I’m not a huge fan of North America’s Independence Day, but I do enjoy being festive.

In Living Color: Subtle American

Tuesday Find

Gorgeous, chunky, funky, beautiful, wearable art.

Denim Alternative: The Summer Legging

Some women think that leggings are strictly for the cooler times of year, but, like the open cardigan, leggings can blossom in any season. Definitely check the fabric content; you want to stay cool by avoiding wool and rib knits, and “seasonal” prints like fair isle are a no-no. Two more rules that always apply: 1. make sure your leggings are opaque, not sheer, and 2. wear a blouse long enough to cover your butt!

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Cross-dressing: The Wrap Dress

It’s a current classic that works for EVERY body type. It flatters the smallest part of the torso, cinching at the natural waist with a tie or elastic, and accentuates the curve of the hip. It comes in many patterns, lengths and fabrics, which makes it perfect to rock in every season, for any occasion. It transitions easily from day to play, work to relaxation with just a few minor tweaks in the accessories and make-up departments . I especially love the wrap dress in jersey for a quick summer getaway because it’s easy to roll up in a suitcase and slip on without ironing.

Crossdressing: The Wrap Dress