week 33|2017: on adulting and common cents (a repost)

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I’m half way into my 34th year of life and I can honestly tell you I have never had to use biology in real life. I have never gone on a job interview where someone asked me, “So, what is an organism?” I have yet to go to a pay a bill and the person […]

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lost status

To keep the perception of white superiority, these white Americans tuck their heads under cone-shaped hats and American flags and deny themselves the dignity of face-to-face confrontation, training their guns on the unarmed, the innocent, the scared, on subjects who are running away, exposing their unthreatening backs to bullets. Surely, shooting a fleeing man in the back hurts the presumption of white strength? The sad plight of grown white men, crouching beneath their (better) selves, to slaughter the innocent during traffic stops, to push black women’s faces into the dirt, to handcuff black children.

Only the frightened would do that. Right?

These sacrifices, made by supposedly tough white men, who are prepared to abandon their humanity out of fear of black men and women, suggest the true horror of lost status.

-Toni Morrison

week 32|2017

When you know what you want
and you want it badly enough,
you’ll find a way to get it.
-Jim Rohn

True or nah? This goes for jobs, projects, travel- whatever opportunity arises. I understand that an able-bodied being does not equate an able-bodied mind. You just have to wake up and use your power to get what you want! No excuses! Even if you can’t afford that $1200 flight now, save up that dough for a few paychecks, months or a year and bam! You got it.


We give people multiple chances
hoping that they’ll change
I don’t know if it speak less of them
for taking advantage
Or less of us for refusing
to accept who they are

Or both.

week 31|2017: 9 things to give up

9 Things to Give Up if You Want to be Happy

1. Complaining
2. Limiting beliefs
3. Blaming others
4. Negative self-talk
5. Dwelling on the past
6. Resistance to change
7. The need to impress others
8. The need to always be right
9. The need for other’s approval

Giving up isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve given up many things that worked for me at one time. Of course I thought I couldn’t live without ________, but time created me a better woman. That hindsight is 20/20!

Most of my days are good, “happy” days, but right now I’m working on numbers 3, 4 and 5. Number 3 because I feel the need for someone to be at fault. SOMEONE! This is not always the case. People often do what feels (or looks) best for them and you just may find yourself in the crossfire. They may not know. They may not care. And pointing the finger doesn’t change the outcome or make me feel better, so..
That brings us to #4; when a situation turns sour, I often blame myself for not using more discernment or flexing my spidey sense. This benefit of the doubt thing isn’t always beneficial, man. I mean at least not for both parties involved. I just have to accept the fact that- dang it! I’m not psychic! There isn’t enough prep time in the world to map out a route that avoids all uncomfortable, time-wasting ordeals. And it’s impossible to bend every situation in my favor.

And of course this lands me at #5: writing another chapter of my own book of quotes and short stories entitled Things I Should I have Said. It’s full of those nagging thoughts that love to creep in, especially late at night when I should allow my mind to rest. I cannot change what was (not) said or done; I need to make peace with it and move on.

What about you? What have you given up that has made you a happier you?

Read a Book

My nephew starts pre-K today! It’s bittersweet. Thought I’d share this dope video that encourages kids of all ages to read. We, as a village, need to put down our gadgets sometimes and heed these lyrics too- set an example and make reading cool again.

Lately I find myself reading more blogs and articles online instead of books. My library is literally collecting dust (pun!) What about you? What’s the last book you read?